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Need help setting specific cheat protected Dvars on server.

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I'm trying to set bg_fallDamageMaxHeight and bg_fallDamageMinHeight on my server, to allow for now fall damage. However, seeing as these are cheat protected, and I don't want to put sv_cheats 1 on for obvious reasons, I know I need to script it.

My main question is, where would I go to script this at? My first thought was to put it into _weapons.gsc, however I've not had any experience trying to script in dvar values that are cheat protected.

Has anyone done this successfully before that could share their solution? Thank you!

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3 minutes ago, leiizko said:

You can change it here

You can set it to whatever you like.

Not 100% why I made this post before testing. Simply put this into _weapons.gsc and it works.


      setDvar("bg_fallDamageMaxHeight", "999");
      setDvar("bg_fallDamageMinHeight", "998");

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