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Invalid Command Envoked/Scripts - Suicide Imminent

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Hi All,

This is not directly CoD4X problem of course but I am losing the will to live haha. Short of just using Promod where everything seems to work ok ( I hate it) I don't know what else to do 🙂 Apologies it is long winded 🙂 

First off I am using a modded server on OW v4.180 based MoD. I am also using NeHo's Webadmin which is awesome IMO and he has provided me ( on this forum) with some scripts that I can use to compliment his app. Julia, http plugins are loaded. 

I am posting in the hope that maybe someone else using OW and Webadmin and has it all working perfectly 🙂 

As title says.

Whenever I use !rules !jstats etc in game I get message 'Invalid Command Envoked'

I am also not getting any top stat messages showing up in server etc. I played around with the file structure, initially placing the script commands, rules, player configs in /home/cod4server/cod4-28980/main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes and then in other 'made' directories 'smiley' for  example in main_shared and changed the paths on the scripts but still cannot get anything to work wherever I place it.  

I manage to get other scripts working when placing here: _welcome and _geowelcome etc ONLY work when placed directly in main_shared.

And other scripts working (servermessages and spawnprotection) when placing here: (This is now also where I have also placed Neho's scripts)

_servermessages and _spawnprotection script ONLY work when I created openwarfare directory and ONLY work when in there.

The messages I have on julia.cfg are scrolling through server but I am sure they are not executed through messages.gsx because if i take away _servermessages.gsc from the openwarfare directory then they stop. 

I am confused 🙂 I think the problem i have is globallogic.gsx ??

I know this will need editing but placing in /home/cod4server/cod4-28980/main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes then the server does not start.  the 

I have been working through the errors on it (mostly just file paths wrong) and now stuck on this error:

^1Error: unknown function: (file 'openwarfare/_utils.gsc', line 1384)
  self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::showPlayerJoinedTeam();
----- Server Shutdown -----

With the reason: Server fatal crashed: script compile error
unknown function
  self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::showPlayerJoinedTeam();

If i take the original _utils.gsc from github and place it on 'openwarfare' directory then error is gone..but then follows the next and the next and the next...never ending,,_binoculars, _weapons blah blah blah and double blah.....

Is it globallogic that is stopping all from working? Or what is it lol 🙂

This all seems an awful lot of F###ing about considering the small amount of things that I would like to happen 🙂

Any help and pushes in right direction greatly appreciated. If this fails then I think I am done lol... 


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If you can post a link to the mod, maybe I can see if I can get the needed script. I am willing to help if and when I can. There are others here, that are way better than I am though.

The error:

Error: unknown function: (file 'openwarfare/_utils.gsc', line 1384)
  self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::showPlayerJoinedTeam();

 Means that the globallogic doesn't have the function needed for utils script to run. _utils.gsc is not the issue. What I would try is to copy the _globallogic.gsc from openwarfare and place it in main_shared/map/mp/gametypes... You will have to init any other scripts that you have already added to the old globallogic. I would recommend using the _callbacksetup.gsc to do inits instead. That way you can have your own directory inside main_shared and init it from callbacksetup.gsc easily.

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Hi and thank you for the reply.

I had done what you suggested and used the globallogic from the openwarfare mod and placed in main_shared/map/mp/gametypes with callbacksetup. Servers started without error of course. 

I also had some script for NeHo's webadmin that he had sent here :

The idea was is to try and look at both and see where Neho's functions can be added to the openwarfare one or vice versa. I think I am on the right track. Have had some help from @Belial95 too and also from NeHo on his forum where he has comnfirmed with me about setting the json url's etc.I can't use the commands set out in NehO's scriptcommands. !rules, !admins !help etc etc. (you can download from that link) No stats are getting posted in players etc. Have this error. I am recognized as admin as all other admin commands work. 


One thing. Anything inside main_shared...does it have to be all gsc or gsx or can be mixed? Sorry for noobness

I could be close haha but maybe so far also 🤣

Thank you as always.   

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Ok, I took a look at the scripts. Neho's scripts are done beautifully and therefore easy to add the callbacks. Use the attached globallogic.

Edits are: lines 30, 934, 4130, and 4792.

Be sure to place the neho folder inside main_shared. The scripts will look for it at main_shared/neho.

Also, if you use a customized callbacksetup.gsc, the only line you need to copy over from neho's callbacksetup.gsc is line 144. Just copy it over to the same function in your callbacksetup.gsc and that will init the commands you want. If you have no need for your old callbacksetup.gsc, then you can just copy paste the file from neho's package.


Both gsc and gsx extensions are acceptable by the server. However if you have 2 files of the same, lets say _globallogic.gsc and _globallogic.gsx, the server will read the gsx and ignore the gsc.



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It all works 🙂 Best Xmas present ever hahaha

I have to say that trying your file directly I had some errors...But as you had explained line by line what you had changed then it was easy for me to add that to my already working globallogic.gsx It is really hard to compare OW one and Neho's especially when you are amateur like me and 7000 lines. 🙂Seems you did it almost immediately 👌

Thx for explanation with gsc/gsx too. callbacksetup I already had OK as you described. 

Huge appreciation from me to you @Sh3llK0de and @Belial95 and of course @NeHo 



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