Using 19.3 Server while 20.X is buggy

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Hello, we decided to comeback to use 19.3 servers while 20.X still have the bugs listed here:


But aside seams everything was working fine, we found a bug when a client get kicked by impure files, this is happening prior to the client have self.pers set, then causing lots of errors and even crashing the servers.For exemple:


entity is not an array: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_hud_message.gsc', line 1833)
 return ((isDefined(self.pers["isBot"]) && self.pers["isBot"]) );

tryed to add this prior but nothing changed:


    if ( !isDefined(self) || !isDefined(self.pers) || !IsArray(self.pers) )
        return false;

We used to play a lot with 19.X versions without this problem, tryed to turn off sv_pure to avoid that while I'm working on it, but this now is avoiding players to get XP from the server, nothing is updated, so I was forced to put this back as should

Would you point me the last version which was working the kick of impure clients without causing this mess? and maybe a fix that I can compile myself to make this go away? Or maybe is there a file which is causing that that I probably left in the server from 20.X which is causing that?

Or even better, any idea when 20.X will be free of these bugs listed?

Any help is appreciated.

Will try now to fall back to 19.2 and see if gets better

Thank you


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