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GUID Invalid (WINE)

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Installed COD4X on Linux through WINE following the instructions here https://github.com/callofduty4x/cod4x-docs/blob/master/cod4x-client/installation.md

PunkBuster works along with all servers I've tested so far other than C4S, from which I get kicked for having an invalid GUID. [See GUID_Kick.jpg]

I verified my GUID is valid by joining a PB enabled 1.7 server through COD4X and doing "/pb_list" in console. [See GUID_Valid.jpg]

According to the C4S Stats website, my IP and GUID are not being reported. [See C4S_StatsPage.png]

Other info:

WINE ver: 6.15 (Staging)

COD4X ver: Latest (as of post creation)

Distro + Kernel: Manjaro KDE + 5.13.11-191-tkg-pds

GTX 1080Ti, Ryzen 2600X


I am unsure where the issue lies with this, can this be fixed?




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The issue is that your player id = your steam id for some reason and our system is set to only handle guids in their normal format. Your ip is sent to the server but since you are instantly kicked for invalid guid then it is shown as 127.0. Hopefully an update can come out to fix this!

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Out of curiosity I created a Windows 10 VM to try rule out this being directly the fault of WINE. Tried to join the server, same invalid GUID error.

So this issue can occur using both Windows and WINE.

I also tried installing patches 1.6 and then 1.7 to have a clean 1.7 EXE to then install COD4X manually from the files you provide but no difference.

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try with steam version, worked for me, with proton 5.0
the only thing you need to launch steam with --no-cef-sandbox option.
Other thing, you will have black screenshot, so likely you gonna get banned from every server.
Also reconnect to other server will not work, need to close the game and reopen it.

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Just tried with Proton 5.0 and it worked without issue, installed through steam, let cod4x auto install from one of the servers, C4S is also working.

gg AlexC ))

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