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Get SteamID and questions regarding IDs

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Hello guys,

as far as I know, there are getGuid(), getXUID(), getUID() and getPlayerID. getPlayerID() and getGuid() give me the same output. getUID() gives me output 0 and getXUID() gives an alphanumeric combination. So, first question is: is getUID() = 0 on purpose? Second question: is getXUID() hardware related? Third: why do getGUID() and getPlayerID() give me the same output? Fourth: is there a function, that allows to get the steam id of a player, who is using steam when playing cod4?


Thanks for reading!

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getGuid(), getXUID(), getUID() this functions are only there so old scripts don’t crash.

getUID() should be dead with the death of punkbuster. The uid came from a long gone global database.

getXUID() returns the intermediates playerid before the third time hashing. Just forget about it.

getsteamid64 and getplayerid64 are the only scriptfunctions you should use. Everything else I would consider as deprecated.


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