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Version 20.x

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List of changes as I remember:

  • 20.0
  1. raw_input for mouse movement.
  2. cg_fov limit raised to 90 degree
  3. checking if a to be cloned techset asset contains a valid remappedTechniqueSet reference and in the case there isn't, one will be added. (This should fix some crashes when loading some combinations of assets in fastfiles)
  4. Checking for invalid *.iwd files in main directory on game startup and notify the user.
  5. Fixed zoom_sensitivity_ratio to do the right thing now.
  6. Loading configuration about update servers from Github server repository. (Needed for the unavoidable upcoming domain change)
  7. Loading on client only *.iwd files the server has referenced in dvar sv_referencedIwdNames. (Prevent client from loading additional *.iwd files that have made its way somehow into the mod directory - Either by a rogue server or by older but on client persistent mistakes from the server admin)
  8. bypassing the loadscreen before server has sent it's gamestate to the client. (Needed with 20.0#7.)
  9. Updated controls menu for RAW mouse input setting
  10. Added an additional fastfile cod4x_ambfix.ff which was supposed to fix ambient occlusion
  11. Fixing broken sv_pure functionality.
  • 20.1
  1. Referencing the remappedTechniqueSet only to it self and avoid loading it from fastfile to stop a deadlock situation many had faced with r_rendererPreference setting to shader model 2.0 (bugfix for 20.0#3)
  2. Forcing r_rendererPreference setting to shader model 3.0 where possible. (bugfix for 20.0#3)
  • 20.2
  1. Loading usermap/mod *.iwd files in the old way when a demo is played (bugfix for 20.0#7, fix demo playback)
  2. Adding the mod directory back into the searchpath list as it was gone due to the change in 20.0#7 (bugfix, fix executing cfg files stored in mod directory).
  • 20.3/20.4
  1. Setting properly fs_gamedir variable to the mod directory. (bugfix for 20.0#7, fix storeage location of demo files to what it used to be)
  2. Checking if raw_input dvar has changed. Executing in_restart automatically (no manual restart needed anymore)
  3. Prevent menus from forcefully setting protected dvars, e.g. Latched, Init, ROM, Cheat type dvars.
  4. Stopped recentering mouse pointer on opening a menu when game is minimized. (Bugfix for 20.0#1. [Had effects on windows desktop mouse])
  • 20.5
  1. Removed fastfile cod4x_ambfix.ff from client, it wasn't doing what the author of that file was promising. Possible it made minor issues.


  • Other changes you should maybe know
  1. Although it is older - I guess 17.x - you can override most shipped fastfiles by providing your own with same name inside your mod directory. (This is not well tested unfortunately)
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Update to it:

On server scripts you can use now: = „Newname“;

playerentity.isBot is now set by the server to the proper readonly value. If you have mods/scripts setting this field, then comment the error creating line of code out.

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