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Help for disable some perks

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// The following class/perk-settings might not be needed in the default-config!
// Class/Perk Settings
// limits the number of players that can choose each class type
set class_assault_limit                           99
set class_specops_limit                           4
set class_heavygunner_limit                     99
set class_demolitions_limit                      8
set class_sniper_limit                           3
// perks
set perk_allow_specialty_parabolic              1
set perk_allow_specialty_gpsjammer              1
set perk_allow_specialty_holdbreath              1
set perk_allow_specialty_quieter                1
set perk_allow_specialty_longersprint           1
set perk_allow_specialty_detectexplosive       1
set perk_allow_specialty_explosivedamage       1
set perk_allow_specialty_pistoldeath           1
set perk_allow_specialty_grenadepulldeath       1
set perk_allow_specialty_bulletdamage           1
set perk_allow_specialty_bulletpenetration    1
set perk_allow_specialty_bulletaccuracy         1
set perk_allow_specialty_rof                     1
set perk_allow_specialty_fastreload              1
set perk_allow_specialty_extraammo              1
set perk_allow_specialty_armorvest              1
set perk_allow_specialty_fraggrenade           1
set perk_allow_specialty_specialgrenade         1
set perk_allow_c4_mp                              1
set perk_allow_claymore_mp                       1
set perk_allow_rpg_mp                              1
// assault class default loadout
set class_assault_primary                          m16
set class_assault_primary_attachment              gl
set class_assault_secondary                        beretta
set class_assault_secondary_attachment            none
set class_assault_perk1                            specialty_null
set class_assault_perk2                            specialty_bulletdamage
set class_assault_perk3                            specialty_longersprint
set class_assault_grenade                          concussion_grenade
set class_assault_camo                               camo_none
set class_assault_frags                            1
set class_assault_special                          1
// specops class default loadout
set class_specops_primary                          mp5
set class_specops_primary_attachment              none
set class_specops_secondary                        usp
set class_specops_secondary_attachment            silencer
set class_specops_perk1                            c4_mp
set class_specops_perk2                            specialty_explosivedamage
set class_specops_perk3                            specialty_bulletaccuracy
set class_specops_grenade                          flash_grenade
set class_specops_camo                               camo_none
set class_specops_frags                            1
set class_specops_special                          1
// heavygunner class default loadout
set class_heavygunner_primary                      saw
set class_heavygunner_primary_attachment           none
set class_heavygunner_secondary                    usp
set class_heavygunner_secondary_attachment        none
set class_heavygunner_perk1                         specialty_specialgrenade
set class_heavygunner_perk2                         specialty_armorvest
set class_heavygunner_perk3                         specialty_bulletpenetration
set class_heavygunner_grenade                      concussion_grenade
set class_heavygunner_camo                           camo_none
set class_heavygunner_frags                         1
set class_heavygunner_special                      1
// demolitions class default loadout
set class_demolitions_primary                      winchester1200
set class_demolitions_primary_attachment           none
set class_demolitions_secondary                    beretta
set class_demolitions_secondary_attachment        none
set class_demolitions_perk1                         rpg_mp
set class_demolitions_perk2                         specialty_explosivedamage
set class_demolitions_perk3                         specialty_longersprint
set class_demolitions_grenade                      smoke_grenade
set class_demolitions_camo                           camo_none
set class_demolitions_frags                         1
set class_demolitions_special                      1
// sniper class default loadout
set class_sniper_primary                             m40a3
set class_sniper_primary_attachment               none
set class_sniper_secondary                           beretta
set class_sniper_secondary_attachment             silencer
set class_sniper_perk1                                specialty_specialgrenade
set class_sniper_perk2                                specialty_bulletdamage
set class_sniper_perk3                                specialty_bulletpenetration
set class_sniper_grenade                             flash_grenade
set class_sniper_camo                                camo_none
set class_sniper_frags                                1
set class_sniper_special                             1
set class_assault_movespeed                          0.95
set class_specops_movespeed                          1.00
set class_heavygunner_movespeed                     0.875
set class_demolitions_movespeed                     1.00
set class_sniper_movespeed                          1.00

check all of that in your server.cfg just configure what you think your server doesn't need.

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