Get GUID without connecting to a server

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Hi guys, I'm trying to create a launcher/anti-cheat for my server but there is one problem. I need a way to make sure that the client is using the launcher and to do that I need to find client GUID from the launcher and in server check the GUID and see if it's the same or not.

I can find client GUID using the server but I can't find it from the launcher that is installed on the client computer.

I tried using Cheat Engine to find the memory address of the GUID but it seems that it is calculated at server and I can't find it on the client. so I have to calculate it myself.

I don't know how the GUID system works and how I can calculate it.

It will be great if someone tell me more about it. Thanks.

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I am not willing to share this algorithm. Use some on your side generated token. You could send and read it over the userinfo configstring.

Starting the game with the commandline parameter +setu mytokenvar "mytokenishere" works hopefully.

On serverside "dumpuser" command can be used to explore if that was working. To read userinfo there is a script function or you can read it with a server plugin.

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37 minutes ago, Fraggy said:

I am not willing to share this algorithm

I understand that. A lot of people are going to abuse it.

And thank you very much for the solution. I'll test it. It must work but if anything happened I'll update you here.

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