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New Server Plugin Recommendations?

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I started up a new server that's completely vanilla for now. Any recommendations for what plugins to insert?

Would like to know if a plugin is available out there that has a server name watermark, some HUD info in top left and some automatic messages.

Sample screenshots from here

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Can only speak for messages.

Top image looks like B3. Second image is smvhost servers that are run by a great guy and a member in this forum who really knows what he is doing with all that 🙂 

Automatic messages you could either use B3 or just GSC script and is a simple start. 

I personally do not use B3 anymore. Although it is still effective there are better things you can do to admin it and here is a great place to start for admin purposes.

With that ( I still have not figured it out ) you can use http plugin and GSC script to do many things. 

Back to messages, I did manage (with help from NeHo's forum) to use some simple script that scrolls messages like B3 does in your first image. Try this. You will have to place the script in "main_shared/maps/mp/gametypes" Not how I do it but this is the preferred method. 

#include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util;
	level.delay_serv_messages = getDvarInt("server_messages_delay");
	level thread server_messages();


	self endon("disconnect");

	svrmsg = [];

	if (getDvar("serv_message_1")!=""){
	if (getDvar("serv_message_2")!=""){
	if (getDvar("serv_message_3")!=""){
	if (getDvar("serv_message_4")!=""){
	if (getDvar("serv_message_5")!=""){
	if (getDvar("serv_message_6")!=""){
	if (getDvar("serv_message_7")!=""){
	if (getDvar("serv_message_8")!=""){
	if (getDvar("serv_message_9")!=""){
	if (getDvar("serv_message_10")!=""){

		for(i = 0; i < svrmsg.size; i++) {
			wait level.delay_serv_messages;

sayClient(str) {
	exec( "say "+ str );

Call it what you want, servermessages.gsc or whatever

Then on your server,cfg use this:

//Time interval between messages if they are enabled
set server_messages_delay 45

set serv_message_1 "Put your messages here"
set serv_message_2 "Put more messages here blah blah blah"
set serv_message_3 ""
set serv_message_4 ""
set serv_message_5 ""
set serv_message_6 ""
set serv_message_7 ""
set serv_message_8 ""
set serv_message_9 ""
set serv_message_10 ""


By the way..I am complete noob with all this 🙂 Sure you will get better answers.


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Thanks. I'll try that out that messages thing in a bit. I'm using Open Game Panel for webadmin stuff atm. I dunno if I will consider changing it.

I hope someone does give any idea how to run the other stuff.

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