platform strings are now ignored?

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I know that COD4X removed the tips from loading map screen, no problem about that.

But seams now that is ignoring the ENTIRE platform.str file too?

I use this in my mod to change some phrases in this file and they are not working anymore




I really don't know exactly in each version this started, I only tryed to fixed today when I found out is simply ignoring anything in that file.

Could you look about this issue?

The main problem is that the released code doesn't have almost NOTHING with that file, so I can't simply change direct in the code like I can do in any other localize files. Since I'm working in a fully translated version, without that I will have few lines in english.


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Are you using the command "SelectStringTableEntryInDvar" ? If yes we disabled this one as it allowed players cheating.

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