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players and bots

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Hello, tell me how to make players always go to axis , and bots to allias. I use [Release] Bot Warfare, the bots at the beginning of the game go to alias, but after death they go to axis . auto balance is disabled

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Posted (edited)

Using the bot cfg file you can only make the bots go to one team:

set bots_manage_add "12" //amount of bots to add to the game, Change to however many bots you want

set bots_team "custom" //  indicates what team the bots should join: autoassign; allies; axis; custom

set bots_team_amount "0" //amount of bots to have on the axis team if bots_team is set to 'custom', the rest of the bots will be placed on the allies team.

Some bots on death with join the opposite side but within a few seconds they commit suicide and rejoin the team they should be on

You can disable the ability to choose a team in menu by editing the _menus.gsx file - Look to near the bottom of the file and edit as shown below

if( menu == game["menu_team"] )
            case "allies":
                self [[level.allies]]();  REMOVE THIS LINE

            case "axis":
                self [[level.axis]]();

            case "autoassign":
                self [[level.autoassign]](); REMOVE THIS LINE

            case "spectator":
                self [[level.spectator]]();


Players can no longer choose autoassign or allies but because of the bots cfg file, the bots will join allies

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