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Spectator event & Printed Messages Appearance time

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I am trying to use endon("event") to kill a function, but the problem is, that by using

self.sessionteam = "spectator";
self.sessionstate = "spectator";
self [[level.spawnSpectator]]();

the endon("joined_spectators") only works, when I join spectator by myself, not when I am moved to spectator by the server. I can tell this, since I added self IprintLnBold() to the different functions, to understand how it works and at what function the script atm is. Hence, if I join the spectators all functions stop, but when I am moved to spectators, there is still text being written by IprintLnBold(). I am experimenting with the AFK_Camp_Watcher: script from Link. Also, is there way to set a given time for 

self IprintLnBold

to be displayed or a workaround, that "kills" it?

Thank you for reading!

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Just define a loop check if someone is spectator, just return the function.

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