Authorisation headers through Plugin_HTTP_Request

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.I don't have prior experience with C++, so this is a learning experience, using Julia as a reference. I'm attempting to make a POST request to my API

ftRequest_t* r = Plugin_HTTP_Request(url, "POST", (byte*)data, stringlen, "Authorization:Bearer TOKEN; Content-Type: application/json\r\n");

When I make the request as per the above, my token isn't passed, and the request gets redirected to a login page, as would be expected without a token. However, if I remove the content-type header;

ftRequest_t* r = Plugin_HTTP_Request(url, "POST", (byte*)data, stringlen, "Authorization:Bearer TOKEN\r\n");  

This will successfully pass the token header.


Could someone point me in the direction of where I may be going wrong with passing multiple headers through this?



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this is where the string for the headers is assembled.

what you're looking for is probably the following. ";" does not create a new header entry, it's just part of the string value for the last key in the header.

"Authorization:Bearer TOKEN\r\nContent-Type: application/json\r\n"


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Amazing, that worked!  Thank you.

Now just to figure out why I can see my json through Printf, but it's hitting the end as null.  :) 


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