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A few months back, trying to run the game with cod4x installed gives me this error "0xC0000094 the thread tried to divide and integer value by an integer divisor of zero", I never had any issues with it until I tested a GSC script I had made which caused the game to crash, even trying to sort the issue now again, updating drivers, fresh uninstall and reinstall, even reinstalling on a new drive, trying different compatibilities. Nothing seems to make it work anymore and I have no idea how to solve it, unfortunately google doesn't help here as there are no other 0xC0000094 issues that I could find cod4x related. And also yes running cod4 normally still works.



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Have you tried to reset the config files in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Callofduty4mw\profiles


I found out the error comes out of the miniconsole updating routine. I assume here an illegal value for a dvar controlling behaviour of the console.

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