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Bot Ads Bug

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Hey guys,

i noticed that the movement speed of the bot does not change when they go into ads.


To confirm the bug i did two (simple) tests:

1. i added a little script that prints the velocity

result: ads and normal movement velocity is the same


2. i modified an existing weapon file and change the adsMovementSpeed value to 0.1

result: real players slow down, bots don't


For both tests i used the playerAds() function and went to spectators to confirm that the bots are really in ads.

Edit: Not 100 percent sure, but i think they don't change the anim too.

Best Regards

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Also they do not want to sprint.


Either i am doing something wrong or they just do not like to change their movement.

Couch, prone and jump works btw.

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Here is a simple code i use to check the actions...

Would be great if we could get that fixed.


	while(level.players.size < 2)
		wait 1;

	entity = level.players[0];
		wait .1;

		action = undefined;

		if( entity sprintButtonPressed() )
			action = "sprint";

		if( entity jumpButtonPressed() )
			action = "gostand";

		if( entity isCrouching() )
			action = "gocrouch";

		if( entity isProning() )
			action = "goprone";

		if( entity isinads() )
			action = "ads";

		if( entity meleeButtonPressed() )
			action = "melee";

			level.players[i] botMoveTo(entity.origin);
			level.players[i] botLookAt(entity.origin + (0,0,50));
				level.players[i] botAction("+" + action);

			wait 3;

				level.players[i] botAction("-" + action);


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