COD4X 18.5 Cannot join any servers

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Hi all. After installing COD4X 18.5 client, I could not join any of the COD4X servers. It would always stuck at the loading screen with the prompt "waiting for other players..." and then disconnect after 1-2 minutes with an error message "Server connection timed out.". I have tried so many times in different ways but still no luck. Here's are what I've tried so far:

1. Disable firewalls
2. Disable antivirus
3. Restart the client
4. Restart my PC
5. Reinstall the COD4X client (manually)
6. Reinstall the game
7. Install COD4X client from a server (which is version 17.9)
8. Update COD4X client in-game
9. Downgrade the game to 1.7 (by replacing iw3mp.exe)

OS: Window 10 Pro 64-bit
Game version: Steam version 1.8.13620

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would provide further information if needed. Thanks.

Capture 1.PNG


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Did you solved this problem sir? same thing is happening to me. no idea what it can be 

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The problem is that you have Game version: Steam version 1.8.13620 I assume.



Steam cod4 is broken, thanks to activision's recent update. The simple fix is to download the original cod4 1.7 exe ( and place it in your cod4 folder, then run it.

Then after that install cod4x etc you should be good to go

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