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Good Morning,

I would like to install b3 on my cod4x server. Server is not running on LAN, it is on hosting. I have zombie modification on server so im trying to run it with mod. I was trying to install it but nothing happened, i mean there is no even 1 message in console or any file to give me any tip about what is not working. Editing xml file didn't worked so my question is... Is there anyone that know how to install b3? Maybe i did something wrong in xml file or i have bad files which are not working with 1.8...


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Run you b3.exe(for windows) / (for linux) and check if it's running properly. Once you do that, you will find a b3.log file will get generated. Any errors should be logged over there, check out if there are errors/database connection failure.
In case if you are using b3 v1.10-1.12 you do need parser which you can find in the forum as well.

If you'r still unable to find any solution, you can share you b3.xml here or else PM me. I will try my best to help you out 😉

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