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Must have Tools and Resources for Modders

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Reference of Scripting functions:

Tom Crowley has released a bunch of useful Tools around the Call of Duty games
Among them are fastfile (.ff) extractors to unpack mods and iwi2dds/dds2iwi converts to edit textures

Raw Call of Duty 4 resource files:

Syntax highlighting for .gsc files in VS Code:

GSC Scripting Tutorials:

GSC Script Collections:

Xmodel Library:

Mixed Tutorials:

Custom Maps:


If you have more, please post below

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Here is a site I found when I was making a clan logo  It will convert about any image from one type to another, you still need the iwi to dds and dds to iwi converters, and a program to make your logo with, you can use any of them that will make "mask" layer, gimp works good and it's free, and has a dds plug-in you can add.

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