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some sripts to increase the death score in my dedicated server of cod waw

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Hello people ,, I hope you are well .. I am looking for several hours ago in google for some sripts to increase the death score in my dedicated server of cod waw .. I know it has nothing to do with this site itself .. but the truth is that there is very little material only unanswered questions are found .. honestly I have very little knowledge about creating scripts .. but if someone would guide me I think they could do it easily .. I need the names of the files to create, the commands in those files and the structure of the folders .. that is everything .. = (.. I know you want to ask for a lot and this is not the ideal place to ask for this help .. but as I said .. the forums of that game are all dead. Thank you very much in advance ... I'm sorry for the bad English ...


and tried many things with some files from the "openWarfare" mod, unzipping some iwd files from inside main and others .ff from inside zone / english .. unzipping with a tool that passed in this thread .. "https : // / forums / topic / 2544-how-can-i-edit-ff-files / ".. putting together folder structure maps / mp / gametypes configuring and dropping some of the extracted files and configured by me .. patiently reading what each command is for .. but I have no luck so far ... I have a server with script configured by me here in codx4me .. "new experience" .. verdar was very good ! I comment all this .. to demonstrate that I don't want them to do things for me .. I like to do them for me. but now i need help.

the image below is the cod 4 server -new experience-  (in if you can change the general xp of the server and enable the functions $ fps $ fov and $ promod.after much trial and error)


2020-08-01 11_54_20-CoD4X Master Server List - Call of Duty 4_ Modern Warfare Servers List.jpg

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