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I make servers reboot!!! very very strange problem@

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In some cod4 servers, when I kill someone, servers reboot!!

I join them as a normal player and I don't know what is the problem with my pc which causes this

In some servers, like promod servers, this doesn't happen. but I can say it happens in all hardcore and oldschool servers.

Killing aside, even when I blow up a car using Grenade this problem happens.

I'll attach a short video I captured in a public server.

And not bad to say, I updated cod4x to latest version and I reinstalled game again and again. I used another key code. I changed my nickname. I changed screen resolution!! but none of them helped


EDIT: I really don't know this bug is related to server or client. if it is related to client side, please move this topic to appropriate place.

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This is clearly a server side issue, you don't have to worry about your client. Tell the server owner, whoever does it, to fix his server, or find another one.

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Thanks Alexc.

As I said, it happens on almost all servers which run the game in hardcore or oldschool. this server was only one example.

I even have created my own server locally, and it even happens to my server!

Btw have no problem with promod servers.

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