[BUG] Mixing Player Names

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This is an old bug, but I always forget to make a post, until today. :D

Sometimes the Player names simple get exchanged with other players, you are seeing some player but in fact it's another player, also happens in scoreboard. Also sometimes DOUBLE a name from a player, then we have two players with the same name, but in fact are 2 different players with different names.

Sometimes is exchanged with even a Bot, then we see a bot with ping in the Scoreboard, but in fact is a real player which had his name exchanged.

To get worst this is not for everybody on the server, few players see the name right, others see the wrong names, but this change over the time, and the players who were seeing the right names become to see wrong names while the others who were seeing wrong names are now seeing the right names.

Very weird problem. Usually happens with lots of players in the server, in any mod... of course, this NEVER happened with regular COD4.



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I have also noticed similar but it was a long time ago. 

Example a player just left the server and a new one joined and the map rotates. The new player somehow has exchanged with the name of the player that just left. When he kills though, the kill message gives his ‘real’ name but on the scoreboard he is someone else. (Guy who just left) 

Not everyone see’s this. I ask someone on chat do you see the name ‘Killer’ for example and they say no. Some of us see that name some don’t. 

I have to say though, that this HAS NOT HAPPENED for a very long time and it seems a thing of the past for me at least. It did not bother me or any of us but thought I add to the post. 

Maybe a bug on an old version? 


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It's just difficult to notice if you not in contact with other players to report the problem, since we all are playing in the same TS channel, all the time someone report the problem, lots of my gameplay videos have at some point this problem reported by someone.

It's really completly random, get a name from a player which is not playing anymore like you said it's just one of them, we already experienced almost all the possible ways of exchanging player names, even 2 players having the same name, and one even killing "himself" to some players, aside to others it's with the right names. 

Maybe it's a problem with the client, not the server I think.

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