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Greetings everyone!

I have the honor to introduce you a BRAND NEW CoD4x Zombie server, called NS~Zombies!
We recently moved from CoD2 to CoD4 due to the lack of playerbase. Some of you might already know about the clan and it's server, which was one of the most popular server back in the years from 2011 to 2018. 

It's not a bot zombie server; it's a PvP gamemode, in which killed hunter become zombies to hunt down the remaining hunters! Our mod is based on a Rank System, which means you get Experience Points (XP) by killing and assisting, and you can unlock better and better weapons as you grind up on this ladder! We even have shops in which you can buy many interesting things (Airstrike, Super Bazooka, Earthquake, Nades, Ammo, Ice-Barrage Zombies, etc...). And one of the biggest fun that we have custom maps, made by pro mappers, so you won't find two same map!

We even hold Events where you can get VIP rights, faster ranking up with Double XP weekends and many many interesting more which are a huge fun!

Custom maps, custom HUDs, custom events, custom weapons, custom shops, custom rights, custom player skins and many many more!

Server IP: /connect


Promo video


I guarantee you you'll have so much fun and you won't regret playing with us!
We look forward playing with you all!


The Nemesis team

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