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set ranks, and unlock all on my server

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Hi Guys, I am hosting a private cod4 server to play with my friends only, I have made this script getting the stuff from:

I have made this:,

it kinda works, but when it set levels, I get negative xp on the profile, but I see level 55 as rank when I connect to my server. how can I fix that?

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You are calling giveXp inside the for loop as a thread.

I guess that's the problem

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Alright, i found your problem... 


In your giveXp function you are forcing rankID 54 at every run and that's why the rank does not update correctly.

In fact your are still rank 1 but with the rankxp of rank 55, so your are a negative amount away from the required xp to reach rank 2.


Easy fix:

	for(i = 0; i < giveXp.size; i++)
		self giveXp( giveXp[ i ], i );	
		wait .1;



giveXp( amount, nextRank )
	newXp = amount;
	self.pers["rankxp"] = newXp;
	self maps\mp\gametypes\_persistence::statSet( "rankxp", newXp );
	rankId = nextRank;
	self.pers["rank"] = rankId;
	self maps\mp\gametypes\_persistence::statSet( "rank", rankId );
	self maps\mp\gametypes\_persistence::statSet( "minxp", int(level.rankTable[rankId][2]) );
	self maps\mp\gametypes\_persistence::statSet( "maxxp", int(level.rankTable[rankId][7]) );
	self maps\mp\gametypes\_rank::updateRank();


Works for me :)

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