Filesystem call made without initialization

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Hi, im using cod4x server release 17.6.0, and i get this error when running the server on linux (works on windows)

CoD4 X 1.8 linux-i386 build 2076 Feb 13 2020
--- Crypto Initializing ---
Testing sha1 hash function - positive.
Testing sha256 hash function - positive.
Testing tiger hash function - positive.
--- Crypto Initialization Complete ---
IP6: ::1
IP6: fe80::f816:3eff:fe33:9471%ens3
Opening IP6 socket: [::]:28960 UDP
Opening IP6 socket: [::]:28960 TCP
Opening IP socket: UDP
Opening IP socket: TCP

 CoD4X Auto Update
 Current version: 1.8
 Current subversion: 17.6
 Current build: 2076

Received redirect request to
Connecting to:
Resolved to:
---- Network shutdown ----
Closing IPv4 UDP socket: 5
Closing IPv6 UDP socket: 3
Closing IPv4 TCP socket: 6
Closing IPv6 TCP socket: 4

Sys_Error: Filesystem call made without initialization


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