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B3 with Promod - Commands go through at round start

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So I tried to get all the relevant information into the title but I'll explain further. We are not new to B3 and have got it working for some years now. However, we are getting a new Promod server on the go. B3 is working, commands are going through, I'm being authed however, commands seem to be in a "queue" untill a new round starts in which case, all the commands will flood in. This only happens on our Promod server. I'm just trying to get an idea of what's causing that issue. I've had a look at the logs and nothing is obvious or screaming out at me as to what the problem is. Only real hint of anything is that the chat.log is showing all commands coming in all at once.

Example of Chat.log

20-01-11 14:07:00    @2 [Adam] to ALL:    !getss all
20-01-11 14:07:00    @2 [Adam] to ALL:    !say
20-01-11 14:07:00    @2 [Adam] to ALL:    !admins

To be clear, this chat log is correct, however the commands were all done in 1 round over a seperate amount of time. So we'll say 1 minute = 3 commands whereas the log shows that I inputted all 3 commands at the exact same time, when the round starts again.

Any help would be much appreciated.




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on Promod you will need to add in the actual gsc's, i belive called serversettings.gsc or something, the +set g_logsync 2 option, then it will work fine.

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Odd. Had it within the Server CFG but added it to the start up paramaters and it worked a treat.

Thanks for that.

Cheeky edit - It was defined in the custom ruleset which was overriding the server.cfg. Makes sense now.



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