Flickering with NEW PlayerModels

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I'm adding new PlayerModels from CFGFactory to my mod, but I don't know why I have them flickering with COD4X. :(

The players and their viewhands have this flickering problem.

An exemple https://youtu.be/VdQokUxu-fQ?t=113

Already tryed to add them via mptype in the place of the original ones, and also just add the model and then use setmodel after spawn and setviewmodel, even removing the loading of all original playermodels which I'm not using.

If I use all original playermodels, no problem at all in my mod aside the many new xmodels added to the game.

My mod have 14 playermodels (7 to each side), which 7 are original and 7 are new ones.

To make sure is a playermodel problem, I removed all the other xmodels from my mod, let it empty, with just the playermodels. Same result sadly. :(

And aside all the new xmodels/features enabled with the 14 original playermodels (5x5 plus 2 to each side, exacly like Frontlines) works PERFECT! In fact Frontlines have 4 new playermodels added via mptype and +1 added via setmodel. Don't have any flickering problem during the game, ONLY sometimes at Killcam view like I pointed here: https://cod4x.me/index.php?/forums/topic/3532-flicking-models-in-kill-cam/

Same version doesn't happens with regular COD4, only happens with COD4X.

The main difference is that in Frontlines ALL playermodels are from COD4, 4 from other factions and 1 from SP converted to MP. While in Rio all new playermodels are brand new ones (7 at total)

As a long shot, can Skins be the cause of that problem?

I retextured the playermodels, is there any recommendation for SKIN formats of the dds files? I'm really opening the original and just saving as DXT5 after edit.

Or almost all Playermodels from CFGfactory are bad and causing this (which I doubt but is possible) or is really a COD4X bug or I'm doing something wrong that is causing this problem. I already lost many months trying to fix this, sometimes works fine and I think I fixed, but few gameplays later I found out the problem still there. :\

Here the playermodels list:






Any ideas are welcome!

Thank you!

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