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Rotu source code..

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hi, i need some help. I have translated the RotU Zombie menu into our native language. I got the source from the makers. However, for any changes, you need to recompile the mod.ff file. When reading the mod.csv file, you would like to compile some or two of the materials that were not found in the source. My question would be that somebody doesn't have the following file in the raw / material directory:

I contacted the developers, but I haven't got a solution yet. Either I need to get these files or I need to figure out in the mod.csv file which line is referring to the compile. I have been told by the developers that cod4_modtools is theoretically included in the package, but that the modtools version 1.1 does not exist in the source. Can someone help me with this?

I would be interested in any solution. mod.csv in the link. Or to replace missing files.

 Thank you in advance everyone!



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Thanks, but these materials are missing from the source. As long as these files are not available, I can't compile in to the mod.ff file. I've checked each of the links you submitted. These are not source files, unfortunately developers no longer have this material because they are constantly developing. I wonder if anyone else has these files in the raw / materials directory.

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Those materials are from cod5. The last rotu source code I had, from their online public release, compiled just fine with everything included in the package. My guess is that there is some other additional fx in what you have that references those above. Looks like some kind of blood splatter explosion.

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