Disabling special grenades x3 flash/stun

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I have a script that i got from here that helps to disable all noob perks i.e gl, martyrdom,jugger,rpg, last stand, x3 frag grenade while player's are able to use x3 flash/stun grenade. Is there any possible way to remove it from the game so that the player is only granted x1 stun/flash.
Attached the script with this post.

Also theseĀ are the settings in server cfg file:

// Disable perks / attachements ( 1-yes ; 0-no )
set disable_gl "1"
set disable_rpg "1"
set disable_c4 "0"
set disable_claymore "0"
set disable_tripplefrag "1"
set disable_jugger "1"
set disable_laststand "1"
set disable_marty "1"


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On 11/3/2019 at 9:25 PM, darkie said:

Bump! I'll be real glad if anyone can help me out on this.

Sorry for the trouble. Fixed it on my own. :)

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