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Hi Fraggy,

I was replying to Viking and what he had wrote about /openscriptmenu menu response

Thats what comes up after entering that is entered in console. I also dont know any of these.

What i do know is as said 🙂 in the cod4x q3config_server.cfg it ALWAYS defaults back to seta g_oldVoting "1" which may be a reason why Warriorbla can do what he has reported to us?

set sv_disableClientConsole "1" is in place in the server.cfg but still can be accessed by all.  Anyone with the knowledge that Warriorbla has reported to us can give us a really bad day if they wanted.

I don't mind the console open 'so much' but when someone can input theses votes/kicks/maps/server commands etc etc then it is a problem. I just don't know what to do other than what i tried. 

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40 minutes ago, Fraggy said:

I don't know those commands. And I believe to know server commands good enough. I would assume this is maybe scripted stuff?

When you run insecure scripts we can not do much about it.

i've forwarded his PM to you. didn't work on my testserver so far.

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Posted (edited)

I know this has been a while, but any ideas still about this. 

I notice that WarriorIbla and his server it is now disabled looking at server info in game list, but of course failed to report back here to the COD4X community how to help. 


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Still a problem hehe 😁

I went on a friends server earlier today. I have no idea what the RCON password is.

Manged to call votes to restart map, rotate map, kick player blah blah. Of course I am on my own so vote is passed. But I should not be able to even do that.

For the record both servers are using OW MoD. Different versions. 


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