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Hello, I wish to have some more info about some of these console prints. Its quite a hefty list and I thank to all in advance.


^3Warning: (client name): Delta request from out of date clients - delta against client 3134573, oldest is 3137441, current is 3155873.  Their old snapshot had 20 clients in it

Dont have any clue what is this.

bad connectionless packet from

When exacly does this happen, is it fixable or can it affect net preformance, since sometimes a lot of these connection attempts are being made

^2Processed 8201 bytes for client SDW galoo
SV_ExecuteReliableMessage() cmd: 9
Received packet 0 of stats data
^2Processed 8201 bytes for client IVAN
SV_ExecuteReliableMessage() cmd: 5
^2Processed 13 bytes for client GG. Dekus

I roughly assume what this is but I wonder why is there a lot of these, like thousands of lines per day, is there a way to optimise this and when exacly does this print ( what event ) 

^3Warning: Warning: abandoning const config string model slot for string mpflag_spectator
^3Warning: Warning: abandoning const config string model slot for string (any material, asset, string, precache counts) 

When checking the xassetussage, strings are under the limit but i get a lot of these, I do have a lot of assets in my mod, but what exacly does it mean and is there a workaround to add more, does anyone have a list of unsued strings on promod so I can maybe replace to save a few if there is no solution.

^3Warning: SetTargetEnt() called on a non-broadcasting entity, may not show in client snapshots.

This is a general console output, not like a script error, hence I am asking, the only place I call this is in gameobjects in promod, where you call this on a player when picking or dropping the bomb etc.

				if(isDefined(self.carrier)&&!shouldPingObject(relativeTeam))objPoint SetTargetEnt(self.carrier);
				else objPoint ClearTargetEnt();

So I asume player sometimes is that "non broadcasting entity", but does anyone know how can this happen, when a player is not a broadcasting entity ? when spectating, connecting etc?  self.carrier should be defined only when the player is actually playing

	player giveObject(self);
	if(isPlayer(player)) self.carrier=player;
	self notify("pickup_object");
	self updateCompassIcons();
	self updateWorldIcons();

The carrier is defined here. Also a notice this is all stock promod gameobjects.gsc code

Have to fix up old client which reports version 6

I see quite a few of these as well, randomly printed all around.


Ok so this is the list, I see a ton of these prints and I am looking to optimise and reduce the output into the console, and work on the optimisation of the mod overall, hence I am looking more closely to the console and could use some help with them, also any advice for better code and optimisation overall is welcome and I hope others will benefit from this topic. Cheers!

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I will just use numbers here:

#1: The client does acknowledge a snapshot which is already too old and discarded by the server because of its age. This means the server is not able to compare that old snapshot with the current gamestate. Server prints that message and sends a full snapshot instead just the differences to a older snapshot. (Reason is poor connection or client was frozen.)

#2: Someone was sending junk to your server. A connection-less message server does not understand.

#3: Was kept in from development/glitch hunting. Can be ignored. Just says how much bytes was received on reliable message channel.

#4: I can only assume. Probably you are running out of space for constant config strings. Maybe too much script-menu or hud stuff.

#5: Also I can only assume. Probably it is a hidden entity players don't see. So this message shows. No clue why a player can be non broadcasting. Is he dead?


#6: Player has only CoD4 1.7 running which equals to protocol 6. Player needs the cod4x update. Then this message shows.

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too many settext calls with unique strings will easily cause it. If for example you have a busy server, with a lot of people coming and going, and do settext calls that include player names that can add up quick. Like xmodels, you can do set text on "Hello" 1000 times but its still only one string. But "HelloTom" and "HelloDick" are two. Local strings used only in menus and not precached in the game dont count towards that limit.

The error itself is telling you that you have reached the end of allowable string slots (640) and its throwing out stock local strings that havent been precached in order to make room. Eventually that will run out and the server will crash. The dump log will tell you where excessive use of strings are in your mod.

Actually it would be very cool if that limit could be overcome. Would make some things much easier and allow more things to be done. That and max allowable hud elements + more than 16 minimap goal icons.

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