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Editing CJ Admin files...

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So we've had this CJ mod based on Semtex CJ mod for quite some time now and I want to get it to work. The problem is that the Admin system is very badly coded and I need some assistance into trying to figure out what is causing one error -


******* script runtime error *******
cannot cast undefined to int: (file 'jump/_cj_admins.gsx', line 39)
  rank = int(admin[1]);
called from:
(file 'jump/_codjumper.gsc', line 43)
  player thread jump\_cj_admins::checkAdmin();
started from:
(file 'jump/_codjumper.gsc', line 33)
    level waittill("connected", player);



Doing some research online shows that it's a pretty simple error but I can't get it to work, no matter what I try and do. Granted my knowledge of scripting is very very limited. I've attached both files below for anyone that could possibly point me in the right direction.


Any help on this is much appreciated.





_cj_admins.gsx _codjumper.gsc

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guids and ranks are read from the file players/admins.txt. seems like that file doesn't exist or is read incorrectly.

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