Flicking Models in Kill Cam?

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Hello, any idea what is causing this?


Sometimes we have this issue in Kill Cam only, happens randomly with/without players/bots involved.

Above an exemple when we get the flicking problem.

Is there a way to fix this? Disable kill cam is not a solution. :D


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Posted (edited)

hmmmm... this happens without the slowmotion too, and ALSO works with slowmotion... this is really random. Like 2-3 times each 10 killcam watches, and when happens in Final Killcam happens to everyone, so it's not a problem with few clients / drivers/ etc...

Slowmotion only have in the final kill cam in my mod.

We are having weird issues in the viewhands models too, are flashing like the video above. again, completly random but a LOT more rare than this one. (this is NOT in killcam)


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