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Cannot join any server at all (resolved)

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I'm just trying to play some god damn COD4.

So I installed COD4 off steam, downgraded to 1.7, then used the COD4x installer on that to patch it since it doesn't work on the 1.8 install.

Now whenever I join a server it refuses to connect and just sits on awaiting connection.

I have tried:


Joining servers on 1.8 instead

Joining both COD4x and ATVI servers

Joining a LOT of servers

Port forwarding 28960

Restarting my PC

Disabling Windows Firewall

Increasing the connection attempts and sitting it out for 30 seconds

Creating new profiles/configs

Deleting the servercache

I legit have no idea what to do anymore. I'm just jealous of all these people I see connected to the servers on here.

Side note: I have IW4x and that works just fine, I can connect to servers on there without a problem.

I'm actually pissed I just restarted my router and it works just fine now

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i'm dumb

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