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Cod4X adds several features for server admins to play around with.

  • XAsset Limits
    You are able to load more of some XAssets. Note that is quite untested.
    XModels can exceed 1000 and this is tested up to 1050. Weaponlimit is still 128, however you can exceed this which results in undefined behaviour on Server/Client including crashing. (Not recommended)
    Menu assets stays at 640.
    Images and XAnims are not tried yet
    To make use of higher limites you have to start your server with an additional commandline parameter. For example:
    +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200 xanim=320

  • Memorylimit raised
    In some cases the stock game will give an error like: "Can not allocate more than 152Megabytes." This Limit is now increased and controlled by a cvar called com_hunkmegs. However it will not effect the client if you raise the limit on the server
  • Steam for player authentication
    Steam is used to get the player's Steam account number as UID. This UID can be used to safely identify a player. The internal adminsystem uses the Steam ID from now on, however Steam is not required for a player yet. This could change in future if we believe it is really needed.
    In rare cases it could be possible the player's GUID is the Steam3ID of the player
  • Playerauthentication via Hardware ID
    Players will get authenticated based on their hardware ID, players GUIDs will be based on it.
    However never use this GUIDs for admin authentication which gives advanced permissions to players. There already exists a bypass for it. If this exploit is getting used too much, Steam will have to become a requirement
  • Measures towards cheats
    Cheats are a big problem in any online game, and even more so in such an old game as CoD4
    Cod4X has a few measures which should render most existing cheats unusable. For example norecoil will not work without some new energy from an evil minded programmer.
    Screenshots can be requested via the "getss" command. However it seems to be buggy at the moment, and it kicks many players. Screenshots are stored in "fs_homepath/screenshots".
    A new cvar is added: sv_screenshotArrivedCmd
    This cvar will execute a program once the screenshot is there. Don't consider this as an anticheat, because it isn't one
  • Admin commands
    • AdminRemoveAdmin: Removes an admin by their UID
    • AdminAddAdmin: Adds an admin by name (if the player isĀ on the server) or UID
    • AdminListAdmins: Lists all existing admins
    • cmdlist: will give you a list of available commands for your current powerpoints. Traditional rcon has 100 powerpoints
    • AdminListCommands: same as cmdlist but also prints needed power. Does exclude commands requiring 100 powerpoints
    • AdminChangePassword: (usually not needed. Only used for login into HL2 compatible rcon)
    • AdminChangeCommandPower: Changes the required power needed to execute a command
    • ChangePassword: (usually not needed. Only for login into HL2 compatible rcon)


    All commands can be used from rcon or the console. Ingame you can invoke them by typing them into chat with a leading $-character. Example: $cmdlist

    All these commands require Steam. You will need rcon for the initial setup

    [*]Spectating invisible

    You can now spectate players and will not show up on the scoreboard. You have to use the "undercover" or $undercover command

    [*]Long playernames

    Did you think the 15 character limit was annoying? Now players can use up to 32 characters in their names

    [*]Clantag on scoreboard

    Requires Steam authentication and a Steam group. The clan cvar can only be set from the console at this moment.

    Open the console and type "/clan " and you will get a list of possible values

    [*]Server-side scripts

    Server-side scripts are now supported. Create a folder in the root of your Cod4 folder called "main_shared", and place any files in there, while keeping the regular file structure (so for example "maps/mp/gametypes"). Make sure the extensions are .gsx instead of .gsc to let them overwrite the default game files

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