How to make animated effects in effects editor

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First you need to create a texture atlas. A texture atlas is a image that contains the all the images you want for your animation. If you are confused just google it and you will understand.

The animation starts from the top left image to the bottom right image. Make sure each images is the same size.

Here us mine.


When adding your images into asset manager you will see 'Texture atlas settings'

This is how many rows and columns of images you have in your texture.



After converting your material in asset manager open effects editor.

When you have added the sprite into the effects editor underneath the visuals tab you will see 'sequence controls'

Here you edit the settings for animation.

Start frame:

    Fixed frame: Choose which frame you want the fx to start on

    Random: Starts on a random frame

    Indexed: Starts on the first frame(?)

Play Rate:

    Fixed FPS: How many frames get played per second

    Sync to particle lifetime: Don't know what this does


   Forever:Animations loops forever (during the fx life)

   Choose how many times you want it to loop.


Some examples of stuff you can do:






If you need any help feel free to ask.


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