Strange problem

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Hi all,

until yesterday I could play in server with cod4x 1.8 (hhtg, s3nse, gb) without problems.

Since today (I didn't do changes on my pc between yesterday and today...) when try to join one of these server, it asks me to update cod4x from 15.0 to 16.0. I did it but after it an error occoured (failed to load cod4x because file cod4x_xxx.dll or entryoint was not found. Attempting to load cod4 v 1.7) and after it cod4 can't connect to server (backend is unavailable).

Anybody can help me? I'm attaching some screenshot that maybe can be useful.

Thank you very much in advance






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Yes we got a thread about this error , and this for all players , Fraggy who created this version and he did major mistake hope this evening fix it

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