How to add custom images in Effects editor (fx editor)

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This is a tutorial on how to add custom images into fx editor and use them in a map

This tutorial is not on how to use the fx editor

For this tutorial you should have a basic understanding of cod4 modtools

Firstly create your image. Make sure that the background is transparent (unless your image is a square of something).
Your image dimensions need to be a multiple of 4 e.g. 620x40





Then save it as a dds file.




Next put the image you created into your cod4 directory

Then go into asset manager and create a new material and name it something.

I recommend putting gfx_ infront of the name





Now change the materialType to effect,
the surfaceType to none, 
the usage to <not in editor>
the blendFunc to Blend (Without this the transparency in your image will show up as black. You will not need to change this if your image has no transparency)






Now scroll down to colour map and click the 3 dots and select you image that you put in your cod4 directory.




Under color map set it to notile and nomip bilinear




Now click save in asset manager (you need to save this file to [Call of Duty 4\source_data]

Now press f10 to covert the image, your cmd should look like this when done.







If it doesnt read the error and see if it is something that needs to be changed in asset manager.

Now open up EffectsEd

Click the wand button at the top to make a new segment







Now go to the visuals tab, make sure the Element type is on billboard Sprite.

click the folder button, you should be in a folder called materials

Next to File name change the drop down list to All files







If you name your material gfx_something it will show up in this list and you wont change the file settings

Now search for the name of your image and select it [Call of Duty 4\raw\materials]

Now go to the generation tab and change the count to 1 (this means the 1 particle will show up in 1 cycle, increase this number to add more)





Now go to the size tab and change the scale to 10 (this will be the size of the image change if you want)




Now save your fx in your fx folder [Call of Duty 4\raw\fx]




Now click play and you should see your image come up.




Now mess around with the different settings to make you effect





--How to add the fx to your map--

In your map .gsc file add this line in main() to load your fx

level.callthiswhatever = loadFx( "yourfxnamehere" );
Here is how mine looks:






Now create a thread and add your effect how ever you like, i'm going to make mine play every 5 seconds.





Now go to your images folder in your cod4 directory and look find your image [Call of Duty 4\raw\images]




Now copy the image iwi into your maps .iwd





Now you will need to add these lines in your maps .csv to load the fx and material.

Here is how mine looks:






Now build the maps fast files and enjoy your awesome fx


If you need help feel free to ask

Lossy, on 03 Mar 2015 - 11:38 PM, said:

Also should add that if people textures end up with a white background despite having alphaTest to always then you should change it GE128 and it should work


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If not on a theme Im sorry. I need help for install splashicons


as you can see in the icon there is a black background

I used the assetmanager settings:

materialType: 2d

surfaceType: <none>

sort: <default>*

usage: <non in editor> and no tile, nomip bilinear

how it is correct to me to install that there was no background? help pls:)


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One more question

Need help. How to correctly create moving camouflage? I make in such parameters but there is no animation.

Camouflage appears but there is no animation:(





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22 minutes ago, wkuzma said:

try adding this to your startup see if it helps

+set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200 xanim=3200"

Admin sry for offtop:(

Not for the server it is necessary I could add +set r_xassetnum "xmodel=1200" to start line server and get rid of this problem easy

But I want that it I worked here:


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