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Help with problems and ideas to implement.

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First of all I want to say thanks to the admins of this forum for implementing this section where the server administrators can ask for help and improve this game and the developers can help them.  Thanks all!

Im admin from [LMT] Servers (2010 clan) , and we have problems and some ideas, if someone want help the comunity ,we would appreciate it ;)

1º We have a tool to admin our server. This tool use IP/name to kick players.
With new IPs V6 our tool can´t read information of players becouse our protocol just read numbers.
We need a script to read these new characters for our tool can still be functional and compatible with these new IPs.

2º How we can redirect to another server? If we create new servers, how we can send people from our old server to the new server.

3º Custumize/Removing Hud.

Option 1: Remove the night vision icon.
Option 2: Modify the hud when kill players, such as changing the color and adding text. +10 kill, +5 assist.

4º Customization of kill streak (perks)

Option 1: Add perks to the players when they kill enemies.
Option 2: Adding perks to players who die a lot like add titan.
Option 3: Add permanent perks to players like  C4 or claymores.

5º Rotation: How add more maps exceeding the limit of 989 maximum characters. We can use multiple CFGs?. How to do it.

6º Rotation of small maps when few players are detected and set the normal rotation  when X are detected. Is possibly?

7º How can we do to lock the keyboard when the game end, we want people to leave on the next map not before in the intermission. Some way to block the ESC as we have seen on some servers.


Thanks guys if someone can help us at any of these points ;D

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