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  1. cod4 хакеры

    Добрый вечер всем у меня вот такая проблема случилась я являюсь администратором серверов своих cod4 на данный момент у меня возникла проблема с хакером он делает клоны своих ников целую кучу и спамит помогите пожалуйста как его вообще можно убрать сервака этого чудака ( баны обходит )



  2. Crazy

    im can't join to game From ip 



  3. IWI Extractor

    IWI Extractor opens IWI and IWD files which are common files for images and archives in Call of Duty games. IWI Extrator currently supports IWI version 5, 6 and 8. You can open any IWI image, export it to the DDS, PNG, BMP or JPEG formats or convert it to other IWI versions. IWI Extractor automatically detects installed Call of Duty games and allows you to open all of the IWD files at once, giving you the option to search through the images directly inside the application and then export these images to a folder or a ZIP file.
    IWI is a common texture type in Call of Duty games. It consists of a header and one or more images, optionally mipmapped. An image can be stored using both compressed (DXTn) and uncompressed pixel formats. IWI Extractor uses squish to compress/decompress DXT image pixels. To see my specification of IWI version 8, please download this PDF file.
    IWI Extractor comes with module Texture.dll which is a .Net assmebly for working with IWI images. You can freely include this library in your project.
    There is a bug in the tree view, when you open an IWD archive and start typing into the filter without first expanding the IWD archive, you won't see any results. It is caused by the tree view which does not cache child items until the parent item is expanded.
    .Net Framework 2.0



  4. IWD Packager : Easy to Use

    ********* A very simple tutorial on how to package .iwd files ******************
    The best and user-friendly way , I have found, to make your .iwd files, is to use PakScape.  Download the File And continue Reading.
    This tutorial is very basic, and may not contain many things. If you find a mistake, do let me know.
    Package a New .iwd File for adding Skins/Images And Custom Sounds to a Mod
     Create a folder on your desktop sample. Inside that folder, create another folder images Place ALL of your custom textures/images into "/sample/images/testimage.iwi" (The .IWI file from your "raw/images" folder. iwi files for skins, textures etc are available for free on the internet, or you can create your own). If you have custom sounds, create a folder called: sounds (sample/sounds/test.iwi)  Place ALL your custom sounds into this folder.  Open PakScape.exe click the little paper icon in the top left, to start a new file.
    You should see this:

    In another window, open the sample folder from your desktop, and drag the images and sound folder into the new file area in PakScape.  

    Click "File", then "Save  As...", (alternatively use the save icon as shown ) ...then name the file sample.iwd.  Click "Save".  *** LEAVE THE FILE TYPE AS .ZIP! ***  
    Now Rename to sample.iwd. Done ! You are ready to go.  
    This tutorial is very generic and  some mods, such as pml220, may have a different hierarchy of folders within the iwd, such as an additional weapons folder with all weapon images. Be sure to package the iwd according to your mod's iwd structure.
    You can even package scripts in iwd files,but doing that is not recommended. If assuming you donot have the source of a mod, Cod4x provides server-side scripts, that can be installed on the server, which allow over-riding of default scripts in mod.ff using the .gsx file format. See cod4x scripting documentation for more detail.
    The same logic can be applied when packaging .iwd for maps.
    Hope that helps...
    Contributers to this :
    Kingwolf @ -- Revised Documentation  =170= Sven2157 -- Original Documentation Peter Engstrom -- Developer of Pakscape



  5. FastFile Packer/Unpacker

    Packs and Unpacks .ff file format



  6. Texture Tools

    Converts between the IW engines iwi texture formats and dds compressed textures. 
    To edit dds files you can use the Nvidia Texture Tools from the link below
    If you rather work with other tools you can also convert dds textures to tga image file format with tga_to_dds available here:



  7. Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour - time scrolling speed fix

    I just came across about this patch I have made about a year ago.
    I attempted to play C&C Zero Hour Multiplayer. However it was quite unplayable as my game scrolling speed was quite too fast. Also a lot of other things were too fast.
    To make the game playable for me decided to attempt to create a patch for this issue. I had success with making a patch.
    As it seems there is no patch for this issue(I did not find any at least) anywhere on the net I decided to share it here for anyone who has this timing error.
    File does likely contain no CD crap - don't blame me for it please.



  8. mp_defim

    very good



  9. LVL55 Map




  10. Cynders mod menu v3

    A mod menu, just for fun or even a dedicated server. Have Fun



  11. ow2_mod

    OW_mod files



  12. OW_mod

    OW_mod files



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