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  2. By the way were is 20.2 fix my eyes are going around in circles 😉 Forget that it is auto update🤣
  3. Hi smiley Yes i agree m8 i will now try fraggy's 20.2 and will get back to let them know if it works Thankyou Fraggy
  4. Agreed but that does not change the fact that you have to wait for an update 🙂 As said try 20.2
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  6. Check 20.2, fixed that you can't start listen server with a custom map.
  7. That might have fixed other problems, but this is one that has been overlooked!
  8. Hello guys, after the update to cod4x 20.1 I have issues regarding setClientDvar. It is not working with cheat protected dvars like cg_fovscale anymore. It did work before the update, but isn´t afterwards. Do you have any suggestions regarding this behavior? Thanks for reading!
  9. You will have to wait for the next update. It was fixed from 20.0 to 20.01 but not totally. Many with same problem!
  10. The maps run fine when connecting to a server, i am talking about the dev side of things when i need to run local on my pc only via console, some how its lost its way and does not know were to find the iwi with the custom images.
  11. I just noticed when a map change happens it sits at setting up game longer until the the splash screen with the loading bar comes on and map loads and all is ok. This also happens when first joining a server. I tested it on my servers which uses a fake mod just to load custom maps. fake mod is a mod name with just the server.cfg in it ( ie mod name kabbot)
  12. I cannot be sure since all I worried about was will the servers run and didn't look to see the map loading time. However since you mentioned it I checked and they do seem to take long to load.
  13. And the maps load normally at normal speed? Mine seem slow. Fine once loaded but something not quite right.
  14. Hi I make maps for cod4. I am having the same problem as the chap in the first post, all custom textures are now white, and can't find loadscreen image, there was not a problem before 20.1 I was using 19.3 It happens with all custom map when you load from the console, it happens with all mods, even the basic radiant custom map mod.
  15. Hi, I did not have any other files in the game path. For me I am using Modded version of Openwarfare on both my servers, both running all custom maps. They maps are all running fine but it is just the 'loading of the maps'. Seem a bit slower than normal and I dont see the map loading image until the last few seconds (black screen first with setting up game) and then straight into game. Once map loaded all is ok. The loading bar at bottom of the screen ( I only see for a second) is not the usual one either. This now is just black on both servers. Normally one is white on one server the other orange. I have not noticed anything else as yet. Smiley.
  16. Really for those who want to test the maps without using a CoD4x server on their PC, they will not work for you, but those who already have the CoD4x server can work. Why? Check files on the game path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare If you find CoD4X files installed in 'main' and 'zone' it is because they were installed through cod4x18_dedrun.exe with administrator permissions to complete the installation. Actually the cod4x files are loaded by CallofDuty4MW from 'AppData\Local' at running the game. But not on the game path. Then you can get the error when loading the maps and textures. If you have these files in game path, try to move to other folder and check.
  17. С каждым выходом обновления баги не исправляются их стало ещё больше, в настоящие время проблема заключается с загрузкой пользовательских карт.
  18. Try any mod, type /map mp_xxxxx in console directly from your game, type Listen Server (dedicated 0). You will possibly notify an error message when loading the map. Load a map with a loadscreen like mp_nuketown. If works for you, try without cod4x server files installed in your game path.
  19. my servers were updated today and both work fine my client computer also was updated without a problem
  20. Tried Alex. Seems to have fixed most but not all. Will have to see when clients are in and keep checking.
  21. 20.1 released, works for me with RotU-Revolution mod, and stock also.
  22. Well said and detailed report. I had exactly the same using the openwarfare MoD. There is maybe more but it was also bg_front, the spawn shield, loading bar when map loads. I don’t have pistols in the MoD (it’s Sniper only) but someone was running about with a pistol. Fraggy is aware of this and was doing some testing with a version of my MoD I believe. I thought it was something I had done in error to start with but reverted back and all was ok again. Tried again and then still got same errors. For now we wait out. I will revert back again but I’m not sure how long we can stay in that state. ####UPDATE### I have just tried 20.1 Linux Server and it appears that my problem is gone.Most of what I noticed wrong now seems to be ok. The spawn shield, the bg_front, custom scopes etc. I still see the custom loading bar on the maps is not the same, so it is possible more in MoD not ok. Will keep checking.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Hello, I have found a possible bug when starting a map through the client. It affects the latest version of CoD4X version 20.X. It happened to me when I started testing maps such as mp_nuketown and I found the following message: It occurs in any custom map that has a loadscreen installed. Maps that have not loadscreen installed can be loaded but textures textures are missing or blank. I found this rare scene: Map mp_c4s_minecraft: It happened in any mod from client and not in server but in server can have the same problem. It can happened with customized skins, models, etc. THIS IS OTHER POSSIBLE BUG BUT NOT ALL IS TESTED IN ALL MODS: And something I have detected that when I use a mod with only 2 or more IWD with custom IWI files (image asset) in this case (for example: 'bg_front.iwi' as background image from mainmenu), one original from mod and other custom. This I use for keep original IWI images from original IWD files, and the custom IWI files in other(s) and when is loaded or leaving server, the load of IWI files was mixed and are not same images viewed. I say for somebody test any mod downloaded and create IWD files as custom keeping the original files and test this theory. And I am thinking that the files may not be loaded correctly in an sorted A-Z based on server info using /systeminfo. I have tested in two PC with cod4x 20.1 and continue with this issue.
  25. Sent as you know. But again I have tried from my side...MoD works fine on protocol 19. On 20 people running around with pistols, images all wrong etc. haha. Pistols are not even in the MoD. Sniper Only. 🙂 For now it is left on protocol 20 but server is pass worded so no one can get on.
  26. Can you share the script files of your mod? Can be sent in a private message. You won't be able to keep that state for many more hours.
  27. Ok, but I won’t update because I won’t be able to play on my server 🙂 I reverted back to protocol 19 because of the errors in 20 😞
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