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  2. I think all depends on a GUID issue.... seems everyone has 0 as GUID...
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  4. every dependencies has been set properly in the past.. it runs for years... it stopped working just with the update. So, or new dependencies have neen added for it or I don't know. Is it possible to have the old one dedrun please?
  5. this line disables auto update?
  6. My cracked server does not appear in the game list I took the token with my steam account and add these commands in server.cfg // ----------------------------------------------------------------- \\ // MASTER SERVERS // --------------------------------------------------- set sv_masterservers "" set sv_authtoken "mytoken" This is my server IP : Please, can anyone help me!?
  7. oke so where should i download the main cod4 frm? the one which has iw3mp?
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  9. Looks like your CoD4 is singleplayer only. Missing iw3mp.exe
  10. Removing the object does not help. Now I use shorter sounds. The result is not ideal but acceptable.
  11. Any way around this? I hex edited the exe so it would scale properly for ultrawide resolution but it just changes the file to .impure I've tried flawless widescreen and widescreen fixer but neither of them work.
  12. Then, another thing, you should try d9vk, if your graphics card is vulkan ready.
  13. Then, another thing, you will have black screenshot in every getss attempt, so you might get banned from the servers. Be careful. Then another thing, if you using b3, its not gonna work under linux, b3 cannot auth you, because you will don't have proper playerID.
  14. Me and @Koaja able to play with steam version. We used lutris to install the wine steam and the game itself. Then connected to one 1.8 server, let the autoinstall install the cod4x files, then good to go. However need to launch the multiplayer in lutris, you can setup a +connect ip:port argument in lutris. This is needed, because if you launch without this, it starts the single player, and then when you launch the multiplayer ingame, you will get around 10-15 fps..
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  16. Hi, so basically my question, is how to integrate the duffman menu, so it opens the menu with the $menu as well. Basically when he types $menu, should open, types again, need to open again,can't think of a solution. I have other commands working as well that are simpler, like fps and fov, but can't get this one working. I tried adding this in scriptcommands.gsx case "menu": if( !level.dvar[ "menu" ] ) { self iPrintlnBold( "This command was disabled by server admin." ); break; } stat = 0; if( self.pers[ "menu" ] == 1) { for(;;) { duffman\_common::addConnectThread(duffman\_common::useConfig); thread duffman\_menu::onPlayerConnected(); thread duffman\_menu::DvarCheck(); } } //THIS IS SO WRONG else if( self.pers[ "menu" ] == 0) { self thread duffman\_menu::endMenu(); } As well as, self thread duffman\_menu::openClickMenu(); But doesn't seem to work. Please give me a piece of advice. Thx
  17. So I have been seeing some people having trouble with COD4X and Steamplay on Linux where when launching COD4X, it complains about some missing DLLs and then attempts to load a previous version (1.7 in my case) I dug around and found out that the DLLs that COD4X requires are placed in a folder called "cod4x_0??" within %APPDATA%/Local/CallofDuty4MW/bin/ (Or "SomeDriveLetter:/Users/*Your User*/AppData/Local/CallofDuty4MW/bin/), at least on Windows. After you use the install script, they are placed in a similar path in whatever wine prefix you ran the installer under. I had to dig around quite a bit to find the needed folder. Once found, copy the DLL folder into this path: *YourWinePrefix*/drive_c/users/*YourUser*/Local Settings/Application Data/CallofDuty4MW/bin/. If you need an explanation for how Proton wine prefixes work: This worked for me and allowed COD4X to start and at least talk to the master server to get listings. There is still another issue I'm trying to work out where COD4X can't connect to any servers as it claims Steam is not running. Whatever systems COD4X has to talk with steam do not work with Proton clearly. More info can also be found here:
  18. Can you help or tell me what I am doing wrong with getting it to work on my server? I have deleted the map from the server and redownloaded it to make sure filesizes matched up with my game and the server but I am still getting the same issue, the map just gets stuck in a download loop even though I have the map already downloaded, same name and same size. As I stated previously Crash 2 works flawlessly on the server, I just can't seem to get strike enabled
  19. What will be the function to close it ? " -scores" ?
  20. No, but if want score board to open tab just does the script action "+scores" which you can activate with a clientcmd script clientCmd( dvar ) { self setClientDvar( "clientcmd", dvar ); self openMenu( "clientcmd" ); if( isDefined( self ) ) self closeMenu( "clientcmd" ); } and clientcmd menu file { menuDef { name "clientcmd" rect 0 0 1 1 visible 0 fullscreen 0 onOpen { exec "vstr clientcmd"; close clientcmd; } } } At least as far as i know
  21. wkuzma

    cod4master list

    yes - but mainly because I saw it in a config somewhere but I guess the flag is set by ip address which in the case of 3 of my servers is Canada
  22. Hello, I need somehow how to manipulate a key game. For example players = level.players; for ( index = 0; index < players.size; index++ ) { player = players[index]; player PressKey "Tab"; } At a specific time, ex : level endon ( "game_ended" ); Press key "Tab" for all players Thank you.
  23. dpj

    cod4master list

    because IP location services are inaccurate i wouldn't know about this being possible. did you just try that out of the blue?
  24. makedvarserverinfo requires a 2nd parameter specifying the variables value. i guess the cod4x version of that function requires the 2nd parameter and the original version doesnt. might be a bug.
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