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  3. dpj

    CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand Problem

    no, dont use trashy mods i guess.
  4. Hello everyone, I have question about this problem. On my server people always getting this dvar CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand after downloaded mod. Is there any solution to make "BUTTON" = Reconnect Thanks in advance! Best regards, @Night
  5. Viking

    Bots from COD4X?

    Were you able to fix anything related to the bots yet? If wanted i share my full server files with the cod4x devs to help to reproduce the lags.
  6. Night

    Finalkillcam problem

    Fixed I edited some codes into that line if(isDefined(players.pers["music"]) && players.pers["music"] == 1) And now work perfect without error
  7. dpj

    Finalkillcam problem

    either you remove the condition entirely, or you define pers["music"] for all connecting players. i dont know what you are confused about.
  8. JeeNNN:]

    Zombiemod rawfiles
  9. Night

    Finalkillcam problem

    I know its a error but i want to know how to solve this error Well I would love to know where i need to define it
  10. dpj

    Finalkillcam problem

    because players.pers["music"] is undefined
  11. Night

    Zombiemod rawfiles

    Hello everyone, Where can i find zombiemod rawfiles with prestiges? Best regards, @Night
  12. Hello everyone, My server work normal with this finalkillcam but i get always same error in console. pair 'undefined' and '1' has unmatching types 'undefined' and 'int': (file 'maps/cwp/_finalkillcam.gsc', line 52) if(players.pers["music"] == 1) Here is my script: _finalkillcam.gsc Can someone help me and explain why i getting this error?If you need some other scripts for solve this problem just tell me in replay what do you need i can upload everything Thanks in advance! Best regards, @Night
  13. Night

    Stuck at end

    Hello everyone, I have problem with stuck map after mapvote. I have 3 gametypes (sd,war,dom) in mapvote,but after one map (war=killhouse) i get always stuck and i need to restart map or rotate map. I didnt get any error or something like that in log files. Can someone help me? Here is (server.cfg) rotation: // map rotate set sv_mapRotation "gametype sd map mp_strike gametype dom map mp_overgrown gametype sd map mp_backlot gametype sd map mp_crash gametype sd map mp_crossfire gametype sd map mp_toujane_beta gametype sd map mp_naout gametype war map mp_nuketown gametype war map mp_killhouse gametype sd map mp_marketcenter" Here is a script: _mapvote.gsc Thanks in advance! Best regards, @Night
  14. Yesterday
  15. T-Max

    I was Banned Immediately entering the game

    @dpj Please, just close that kind of topics immediately.
  16. ROOT

    server down

    iam using last update cod4x i download from here stll iam facing same issues its just scrim server no any gsc or gsx randomlly its down and my vps 18.04 4gb ram i run 2 servers 1.24 max 2. 16 max players so i have enough ram as well
  17. dpj

    I was Banned Immediately entering the game

    and why do we get bothered with that issue?
  18. Last week
  19. Hello, I entered one of the servers IP: As I entered the game I was given a permanent ban for "Wall Hacking" When indeed I have no wall hacks or any hacks of any kind. It could have been possible it was by mistake trying to ban someone else. Please un-ban me.
  20. dpj

    server down

    it's not the same issue. read the stacktraces. provide some information about the crashes. are they happening randomly, are they reproducable? in this form your report isn't really helping. you are also not using the latest server version. we surely won't search for bugs in the older ones.
  21. Scriptfailed

    eSports TDM PROMOD

    server located in Singapure
  22. LaRoxxx

    COD4 1.8 Axon Anticheat

    At the moment anti-cheat detecting cheaters, who will be able to inform the administrator about the cheater for further action, or he will perform the necessary function. Public access from 3.12.2018 (Contact me in the message [here or Steam id:exrecod] where you can get free your key. To use you will need to enter key&screensh=link to your screenshot) Link example:р7de4434e8&screensh= You can create an auto script with which you can get a response from COD4 Axon AC, for full automation. Info: & Black ScreenShots detecting - 100% WallHack detecting Aimbot detecting Multihack detecting Text detecting
  23. ROOT

    server down

    @dpj same issue why?
  24. greu


    thank. I found a solution
  25. JeeNNN:]


    What message?
  26. greu


    Hello everyone, tell me how to make a script so that after each return, my message to the player is shown?
  27. You should post your solution, it may help others.
  28. Hello everyone, always getting hitmarkers/hitmarkered on my server, I decided to change the player's health or increase the sniper's damage. Could someone please tell me how to do that ? If possible, the easier option ^^ thanks sorry i found it out myself...
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