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  3. gurinov


    Hey, everybody. I've seen a lot of servers that have redirection to another server when I connect, who can help me or how do I configure it?
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  6. Anyone knows how to enable the in-game vote to work only to allow players to vote map/change map while disabling the options to vote kick and change gametype?
  7. this worked on windows and when I ran it I was able to use separate main_shared directories however I switched to Ubuntu to run the servers and I switched to cod4xweabmin to make 2 servers which are using the same basebage and separate main_shared folders but that is only for linux
  8. Dust2


    im using the latest patch though , available in this site
  9. every server i join gets me an error "code_post_gfx_mp.ff is different than server" . Could anyone please tell me the cause of this? Thanks a bunch
  10. self unSetPerk( "specialty_specialgrenade" );
  11. greu


    HI, tell me how to make sure that the player couldn’t kill?
  12. Simple question is you know how you can change the parameter fs_basepath? Is there a paremeter for setting where the main_shared folder is? I.e to run scripts you don't want on all servers?
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  14. Well that was easy. Thanks!
  15. Remove the net_ip Part and use your local ip to connect.
  16. Odd. Had it within the Server CFG but added it to the start up paramaters and it worked a treat. Thanks for that. Cheeky edit - It was defined in the custom ruleset which was overriding the server.cfg. Makes sense now.
  17. I want to create a single player bot match using the Bot Warfare mod, which requires CoD4X. So I was thinking I could just host it on my own machine and connect to it from my own machine, but I can't get it to work. (btw I haven't installed the Bot Warfare mod files yet, I'm just trying to get the CoD4X server to work by itself first) I run this: cod4x18_dedrun.exe ^ +map mp_vacant ^ +set dedicated 1 ^ +set net_ip ^ +set sv_punkbuster 0 I try to connect by typing /connect from the client I get 'awaiting connection 1.. 2.. 3.. etc.', then 'server connection timed out'. The server console keeps printing 'bad connectionless packet from' How can I get this to work? I should point out that I haven't messed around with game servers before, so it's quite possible I'm missing something obvious.
  18. on Promod you will need to add in the actual gsc's, i belive called serversettings.gsc or something, the +set g_logsync 2 option, then it will work fine.
  19. Hey, So I tried to get all the relevant information into the title but I'll explain further. We are not new to B3 and have got it working for some years now. However, we are getting a new Promod server on the go. B3 is working, commands are going through, I'm being authed however, commands seem to be in a "queue" untill a new round starts in which case, all the commands will flood in. This only happens on our Promod server. I'm just trying to get an idea of what's causing that issue. I've had a look at the logs and nothing is obvious or screaming out at me as to what the problem is. Only real hint of anything is that the chat.log is showing all commands coming in all at once. Example of Chat.log 20-01-11 14:07:00 @2 [Adam] to ALL: !getss all 20-01-11 14:07:00 @2 [Adam] to ALL: !say 20-01-11 14:07:00 @2 [Adam] to ALL: !admins To be clear, this chat log is correct, however the commands were all done in 1 round over a seperate amount of time. So we'll say 1 minute = 3 commands whereas the log shows that I inputted all 3 commands at the exact same time, when the round starts again. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  20. elisandro


    Hello gentlemen, I would like your help. How do I set max_fps to 250 so that when a player comes in with more kicks and a message to set to 250?
  21. Earlier
  22. killbill88


    hey everyone, I got some big lags with my bots when they are kicked automatically. I use cod4x NE and PRCOD4X bots. Do someone get same issue? Thanks; KB
  23. @volkv and all, I recently had an issue where a player joined and when we tried getss immediately left, about 10x... I am planning to implement the code you shared, but don't see anything around this logging that you mentioned.... Are you writing this somewhere this is not in the code ? thanks Vince
  24. We currently have these servers: [sX] ^XP HC Crossfire 24/7 - [sX] ^XP HC Killhouse 24/7 -  [sX] ^XP HC All Maps - We have a website - I will edit this post when more severs are added
  25. wkuzma

    new build number

    Thanks Alex the rest is for gurinov btw in my post I meant build 995 not not build 955 in any case the server 995 does start on my system but I will have to wait for the client update to come out before using it on the servers.
  26. AlexC

    new build number

    As I pointed out, you have to wait anyway, you cannot join the server, the github repository is just prepairing to the new version. It is not ready yet.
  27. gurinov

    new build number

    new build from github windows server not startet
  28. AlexC

    new build number

    You have to wait till the 18.0 client will be released, then you can use the new build from github.
  29. I am curious - just what is the newest build number on cod4x the reason I ask is because when i compile a new server I get build number 955 however when I try to use that build on the server - no one can join the server it says protocol 18 is used - restart cod4 to see if an update shows on the main page - however when I restart cod4 it does not show an update link. I had to switch back to build 993 on the server and now people can join and play again.
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