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  2. Thanks for anwser, but i just changed cursor, now i should change score color in scoreboard.gsc and name of guns (color of names) Which line is for color in scoreboard? Can you tell me more? It's difficult step. Thx
  3. Turn on developer and the server will tell you what function is undefined and where it's used.
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  5. Hello i am new to this cod4x scripting so I need help with my server to work, because it shows me the error message: File Handles: ---------------------- 24563 files in iwd files Adding fastfile 'mp_backlot' to queue Loading fastfile 'mp_backlot' used 51.89 MB memory in DB alloc Waited 575 msec for asset 'maps/mp/mp_backlot.d3dbsp' of type 'col_map_mp'. ------- Game Initialization ------- gamename: Call of Duty 4 gamedate: Feb 12 2009 fs_ignoreLocalized is cheat protected. fs_ignoreLocalized is cheat protected. Loaded fastfile 'mp_backlot' in 857ms (0ms waiting) Error: Waited 266 msec for missing asset "codescripts/delete.gsx". Error: Error: ******* script compile error ******* Error: unknown function: @ 52410 ************************************ ----- Server Shutdown ----- With the reason: Server fatal crashed: script compile error unknown function (see console for details) Resolving Sending master heartbeat from to Sending master heartbeat from to resolved to Resolving (IPv4) resolved to Resolving (IPv6) resolved to [2400:6180:0:d0::2b:1]:20810 Sending heartbeat to Sending heartbeat to ==== ShutdownGame (1) ==== --------------------------- ---- Network shutdown ---- Closing IPv4 UDP socket: 5 Closing IPv6 UDP socket: 3 Closing IPv4 TCP socket: 6 Closing IPv6 TCP socket: 4 -------------------------- Sys_Error: script compile error unknown function (see console for details) And I am hosting it on a Ubuntu and start it with ./cod4x18_dedrun +exec server.cfg +set dedicated 2 +set sv_punkbuster 0 +set pb_sv_enable 0 +map_rotate +sv_authorizemode 0 +set net_port 28960 +set fs_game mods/slo-pm +map mp_strike +set g_gametype sd I also have installed the latest cod4x server files. If i have to send you any files tell me! With kind regards RoxoR
  6. Obviously, along with all the iwd
  7. Did you put the mod.ff into the root of the mod folder ?
  8. Edit, the rest is in globallogic and/or ui_mp/
  9. scoreboard.gsc, and you need to change the cursor.iwi and playericon.iwi, and then add them to your mod, note that the names are not exact, just look for the oriiginal names in the game files and then change them and put it it in the mod in an .iwd
  10. Hi. I want to change icon of Teams and Mouse Pointer On Menu In my server. Like this image Anyone can help me? Thx Teams Image: Mouse Pointer Image: @crazy @dpj @leiizko @c-bin Pls help me. And then how can i change color of score text when you killing players. and Color of guns name in game.
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  12. Hi, so basically I get this error when connecting to the server running a mod. the error ```could not find zone /zone/english/mod.ff``` 1. yes my mod compiles without any error and i can play the game as local dedicated with no errors. in mod_make,bat i have the row copy ..\..\zone\english\mod.ff 2. yes I tried to debug + server runs with no errors. 3. Issue is when connecting to server host on dedicated 4. cod4x 1.8
  13. Will never get released for version 18.x And when it is done, it is done. So I can not tell you a ETA.
  14. Gameranger does not work with cod4x-player-ID generation
  15. +set r_reflectionProbeGenerate 1 maybe it does help you (dirty trick)
  16. throwing script exception: pair 'undefined' and 'undefined' has unmatching types 'undefined' and 'undefined' ^1******* script runtime error ******* pair 'undefined' and 'undefined' has unmatching types 'undefined' and 'undefined': (file 'scripts/gamemodes/_hud.gsc', line 266) self setclientdvars("ui_wavetext", level.waveHUD_Killed + "/" + level.waveHUD_Total, "ui_waveprogress", level.waveHUD_Killed / level.waveHUD_Total); ^1called from: (file 'scripts/clients/_clients.gsc', line 129) self thread scripts\gamemodes\_hud::onPlayerConnect(); For crashes, best to start at or near the top and fix those first. This error is telling you that there are no defined values for level.waveHUD_Killed and level.waveHUD_Total. As for why, you need to go through your code to find where those two values are supposed to be defined and set, and from where. Also verify that they are, in fact, being set every time.
  17. are there any SA servers? I'm from Argentina and I wanted to download the game but if there isn't any SA servers, I don't know...
  18. hi. i have a problem . i ran the rotu server and it crashes after 2 or 3 times playing . please give me a solution i did a lot of thing to fix it and i did all the solution in google but still crashes. i hope someone give me working s olution. this is my server log and server cfg file(general.cfg)... Desktop.rar
  19. You need to return a boolean if the buy was successful. You need an entry function and from there thread your arm() function and return true. entry() { // Whatever checks you might want thread arm(); return true; } arm() { ... } Obviously "addHardpoint( "arm", "Protection", ps\_killstreak::arm, undefined );" has to be changed to "addHardpoint( "arm", "Protection", ps\_killstreak::entry, undefined );"
  20. Hello I am adding new items to the store, everything appears and is sold, but the amount is not deducted, that is, you can buy endlessly code/hardpoints.gsx /////////////////////////////////////// // YOUR CUSTOM HARDPOINTS HERE // addHardpoint( "arm", "Protection", ps\_killstreak::arm, undefined ); /////////////////////////////////////// code/dvars.gsx // Hardpoints shop - required credits addDvar( "arm_shop", "int", 10, 1 ); <------- addDvar( "radar_shop", "int", 30, 1 ); addDvar( "airstrike_shop", "int", 700, 1 ); addDvar( "helicopter_shop", "int", 1800, 1 ); addDvar( "artillery_shop", "int", 1000, 1 ); addDvar( "asf_shop", "int", 1000, 1 ); addDvar( "agm_shop", "int", 150, 1 ); addDvar( "predator_shop", "int", 2800, 1 ); addDvar( "ac130_shop", "int", 3800, 1 ); addDvar( "mannedheli_shop", "int", 5000, 1 ); addDvar( "nuke_shop", "int", 6000, 1 ); addDvar( "carepackage_shop", "int", 70, 1 ); addDvar( "cuav_shop", "int", 30, 1 ); _killstreak.gsx arm() { wait 0,5; self SetPerk( "specialty_armorvest" ); self.maxhealth=100; = self.maxhealth; wait 0.5; self waittill("death"); self unSetPerk( "specialty_armorvest" ); self.maxhealth=30; = self.maxhealth; } How to fix it? thanks
  21. Hi Guyz i have 2 server cod4 one linux 1.8 and 1.7a on windows i Run one server on ip cod4x1.8 last version linux and run one server windows 1.7a on gameranger host for redirect to [linux server] by redirect mod [ i cant run 1.8 on gameranger ] Every player wants to join the Game Ranger redirect server encounters an error with Steam is not installed Can Hellp me to fix server gameranger redirect ?! @ Fraggy @dpj @ leiizko @wkuzm
  22. No, I'm trying to move the players to one of the standard spawn points. It works: case "forcespawn": level notify("force_spawn"); ********************************* forceSpawn() { self endon("disconnect"); while(true) { level waittill("force_spawn"); self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::spawnPlayer(); } } But I wonder why the server crashes if you call the function directly from the case block in scriptcommands.gsx
  23. your script is bad first after spawn you must save player coordinates after he spawn and after that you will be able to move player to this coordinates. your server crashing because you trying to spawn player when player is already spawned so dont spawn player but move him
  24. Hey. I want to send the player to spawn using the cmd command, but the server shuts down (no errors) if I do it from scriptcommands.gsx This not work (scriptcommands.gsx) : case "testspawn": self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::spawnPlayer(); break; This works (player.gsx) : onConnect() { self endon( "disconnect" ); self thread test(); *** test() { self endon("disconnect"); while(true) { if ( self MeleeButtonPressed() ) { self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_globallogic::spawnPlayer(); } wait 0.3; } } What am I doing wrong? @leiizko maybe
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