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  2. If you mean this strattime, the answer is yes, it is possible. It is done so here. If you need additional help feel free to ask.
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  4. It rarely happends that I think it can be disregarded, besides you can always implement a 2-step or something on your server to avoid that small % fully, admins need to login with a unique pw to "verify" the guid and have admin powers, hence eliminating any trouble.
  5. Well we need to blacklist the knownduplicated playerids. Your insight will probably not help us too much. The authsystem is flawed. And I was aware about it from the start when I implemented it. I don't have any better solution. A better solution would require a device driver every player has to install. I doubt many are happy to do that, just to get identified on a gameserver. Also I don't wanna bother with creating device drivers either plus I would not get it signed anyway. So I have no proper solution regarding using the computers hardware to identify someone. Having to deal with duplicated serial numbers makes the whole shit even harder.
  6. Hey, I seems to have a similar issues with a few different people with this guid 2310346615308413814. Seems to happen when people install the game on linux using steam proton.
  7. Players having the same P ID is not as rare as you might think, and I think this is an oversight on CoD4X's part. Thinking you got this covered by offering Steam auth is hardly a solution as a significant portion of the player base doesn't have Steam or don't want it running. Check $ministatus on any server that supports it and you can confirm this by looking at what percentage of the player base has Steam running in the background. PS: I may be able offer so more insight on this problem, but it'd involve information on the HWID you may not want to have available for the general public (not anymore than it is already).
  8. we only refer to the means of idenfication by playerid and identification by steamid. as a plugin developer you can request both ids. the steamid will always allow you to uniquely identify a player by his steam account if available. the playerid does not have that guarantee, but it is very likely that the same holds true. in rare cases two different players can have the same playerid.
  9. PlayerIDs and HWIDs are two completely separate things, correct? Could you expand a little on what the PlayerID is?
  10. Yes seems like that. But it is just derived from the playerid. It is discouraged to use the playerid for anything else than onto the banlist. About server owners still doing that we can not help. Can you please go in game, open console, enter $ministatus and make a screenshot you send us? In case $ministatus is blocked then visit another server.
  11. yea man everytime I tried to play on a C4S server it just kicks me and says login to stats page ACP due to security reasons. It sucks man because I never even got to play on the servers...
  12. This should have been "fixed" ages ago. And by "fixed" i mean server just checks if whatever you do is wrong and kills the player for you.
  13. Any news about that? Still happens from time to time... aside I kinda of fixed that in the gameplay, generates lots of errors in the log and causes lag on the server during the logging... This is from yesterday:
  14. sorry about that. where to text that?
  15. you either didn't get it from a legit source (like installing it from dvd), you didn't uninstall it properly before or you fucked around in your registry. i think there should be a registry key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Activision\Call of Duty 4 defining the version of the game. the patch looks that up and decides if you need the patch or not.
  16. Hello! So some days ago I installed the game again. I tried to install the 1.6 and 1.7 patch, it said I dont need them 'cuz its already installed. Then I tried the 1.8 but if I open the game it still says I got the 1.0.525 version of the game. Can anybody help?
  17. you can describe it here or on github anyways, i just tried myself and it seems to work.
  18. there is no 18.4 server. if you're looking for the client this is the wrong section and topic.
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  20. Fraggy how to file bug report because i want this fixed in next update by developers
  21. D3VIL

    Cod4x V18.4

    Hi I need the version of 18.4. Can you please provide it? Please.
  22. hi guys. i need 18.4 version. can someone give me that?
  23. Update: It won't be on this weekend.
  24. ye i did it now it works ty
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