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  2. I was only curious since someone posted to use htaccess which I found strange all my mods and usermaps were listed before I took action (not with the htaccess file) and gave no one access to those directories from the web.
  3. Is your %localappdata% > CallOfDutyMW folder read only?
  4. what ever i put in say some about cod4x_xxx.dll keep on going missing hard get back cant keep installing the game over over please help. thnxs
  5. As Daedulus said you can disable indexing on apache by default if that is your webserver of choice, which would be a lot easier than messing with the htaccess (I am not too savvy on htaccess myself, tried once or twice but gave up :P) Seems you already have indexing disabled so thats good news :3
  6. i recommend disabling rcon by putting an empty password in if you need it +set rcon_password is fine
  7. I dont agree because u dont have the knowlage dosnt make u stupid it calls lurning process
  8. if you are on apache you can disable indexing files of a folder, you did that already so i dont get your question. the client is downloading, not the server. accessing parent folder via a webserver is usually not possible, so you are save on the end anyways. if you dont want a special directory to be accessed at all change its permissions on the filesystem to the linux user running the webserver (www-data usually)
  9. setu would work on the client side: \setu team axis \connect x.x.x.x on the server side: team = self getuserinfo("team");
  10. curious - my redirect is\mods what would be the htaccess commands to allow the server to download but no access to the directory when someone types the address in ie or firefox etc
  11. thats just people being unable to configure a webserver correctly - you can't heal stupid.
  12. typo +rcon_password xxxxx
  13. put +rcon_passwod xxxxx in your server commandline not your server. cfg
  14. Do you recommend using +set rcon_password?
  15. oh yeh i miss this😁
  16. Yesterday
  17. connect and passwords are cvars right? if i add another string,would it be considered as a cvar?
  18. You can string commands like you did yes. Unsure on team axis working mind, but for connecting to password protected servers that would work yes
  19. can we add custom arguments in /connect ? eg. /connect;password 123;team axis and read that argument in gsc and send the player directly to that team.
  20. You should help in contributing to the project, we definitely would like another pair of hands typing out code.
  21. dont understand..., but he could only get the rcon password, not the cpanel access or something like that
  22. yes i can understand but sometimes one is limited due to certain distributed high-end setups. Wish more open source contributors help in this project so windows is checked too
  23. And again this is where securing your server comes into play, htaccess. That's a security flaw in general, not related to COD4X directly.
  24. Thanks for the answers, the password had 13 characters, (aroremaster12), one time I gave the cfg to another person but without 12, I think is the only possible suspect if they can't download cfg or bruteforce it.
  25. Some server admins used the server direct as the redirect also. If u not have the proper secure settings all the bad guy have to do is look at the adress your redirect from and then type that adress in a browser and vola he can see everything
  26. ia

    its hc and its running on gr that iA snd is mine
  27. Well, there is a clearly answer of your question provided in this photo.
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