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  2. Whenever i open iw3mp.exe the game shows the splash screen then disappears without any messages I've never seen this problem before I tried removing cod4x from appdata/local and the game works fine without the cod4x files but it stops if i install any version of cod4x
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  4. what are the connection details of that server? (ip+port) you should be able to change your name in the ingame options or via the \name command in the console. i'm not sure what you mean by 'dashboard'.
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  6. Open console and enter \name Infiltrator
  7. Anybody else get their name changed by City Server? My name in the dashboard is correct, but when I sign on to servers, it is CityServer on screen Some sites now kicking me off, because it is seen as spam. I need to know how to change my name back online, without starting all over again as ground zero.
  8. Anybody else get their name changed by City Server? My name in the dashboard is correct, but when I sign on to servers, it is CityServer on screen Some sites now kicking me off, because it is seen as spam. I need to know how to change my name back online, without starting all over again as ground zero.
  9. Hey everyone. Thanks for this beautiful platform. I need a GSC script for time out announcement in the game when you have one minute remains.
  10. ||SL|| LionS PromoD (SnD) Connect ||SL|| LionS PromoD (TDM) Connect tdm.lionscod4,ga WEBSITE SS SITE SnD SS SITE TDM
  11. Hello people ,, I hope you are well .. I am looking for several hours ago in google for some sripts to increase the death score in my dedicated server of cod waw .. I know it has nothing to do with this site itself .. but the truth is that there is very little material only unanswered questions are found .. honestly I have very little knowledge about creating scripts .. but if someone would guide me I think they could do it easily .. I need the names of the files to create, the commands in those files and the structure of the folders .. that is everything .. = (.. I know you want to ask for a lot and this is not the ideal place to ask for this help .. but as I said .. the forums of that game are all dead. Thank you very much in advance ... I'm sorry for the bad English ... and tried many things with some files from the "openWarfare" mod, unzipping some iwd files from inside main and others .ff from inside zone / english .. unzipping with a tool that passed in this thread .. "https : // / forums / topic / 2544-how-can-i-edit-ff-files / ".. putting together folder structure maps / mp / gametypes configuring and dropping some of the extracted files and configured by me .. patiently reading what each command is for .. but I have no luck so far ... I have a server with script configured by me here in codx4me .. "new experience" .. verdar was very good ! I comment all this .. to demonstrate that I don't want them to do things for me .. I like to do them for me. but now i need help. the image below is the cod 4 server -new experience- (in if you can change the general xp of the server and enable the functions $ fps $ fov and $ promod.after much trial and error)
  12. Thanks Alexc. As I said, it happens on almost all servers which run the game in hardcore or oldschool. this server was only one example. I even have created my own server locally, and it even happens to my server! Btw have no problem with promod servers.
  13. I can't seem to get any bots on stock maps at all on the server. What am I doing wrong here? I put the "main_shared" folder on the root directory of our cod4x server. Then in the config file I added this: set bots_manage_add "10" set bots_manage_fill "10" set bots_manage_fill_mode "0" set bots_manage_fill_kick "1" set bots_manage_fill_spec "0" set bots_team "autoassign" set bots_team_force "1" set bots_team_mode "0" set bots_skill "0" set bots_loadout_reasonable "1" set bots_loadout_allow_op "0"
  14. There will be ADS sensitivity multiplier in next version.
  15. This is clearly a server side issue, you don't have to worry about your client. Tell the server owner, whoever does it, to fix his server, or find another one.
  16. Hi, as many pros have always wanted, i would like to change my ADS SENSITIVITY on COD4 such as many modern games and CODS. Looking around the net, i ve found a script/bind to do so on COD4, but from what it seems it doesn't work on 1.8 (maybe as an anticheat measure?) BTW, is it possible to add it as a patch? If you know any other method or workaround let me know as im very interested to come back and play this game. Thanks in advance!
  17. In some cod4 servers, when I kill someone, servers reboot!! I join them as a normal player and I don't know what is the problem with my pc which causes this In some servers, like promod servers, this doesn't happen. but I can say it happens in all hardcore and oldschool servers. Killing aside, even when I blow up a car using Grenade this problem happens. I'll attach a short video I captured in a public server. And not bad to say, I updated cod4x to latest version and I reinstalled game again and again. I used another key code. I changed my nickname. I changed screen resolution!! but none of them helped EDIT: I really don't know this bug is related to server or client. if it is related to client side, please move this topic to appropriate place. cod4-killing-problem.avi
  18. There is no error in the b3.log. You just mistyped the mapname as @Koaja pointed.
  19. block, that isnt a valid map anyway if you want the original map mp_bloc (note the missing k) edit: that being said, still not sure why you are facing the issue
  20. on the server,cfg I have set b3Prefix "!" set b3Hide "1" set b3HideLvl "24" loadplugin "b3hide" I don't know if that helps he is also using a netwrok ip I also use a network ip and have mine like this <!-- The public IP your gameserver is residing on --> <set name="public_ip"></set> <!-- The IP the bot can use to send RCON commands to ( when on the same box) --> <set name="rcon_ip"></set> the is the network ip my cod4x server and b3 is on and it works fine my server is on port 28960 so I port forward 28960 to
  21. 1 use $ministatus to find your player slot then login to rcon and use rcon adamnaddadmin your name or player id or player slot 100 (100 is the power for superadmin like in b3) I use player slot numbers. look at nvconfig_v3.dat for the power levels and what they can do (its a text file) 2 once iamgod is used its disabled so no one else can use it 3 look at plugin_admin.ini or plugin_admin.xml depends on b3 version 4 and 5 I cannot help with
  22. I have some questions. some of them are too simple and I get it if you say to me search! before creating new topic. I searched a lot and find some answers, but some are too complex for me and made me a little confused. So I ask my questions here, hope you can help Without using B3 or AdminMod, what is the original way to make yourself admin of your cod4x server? I made myself admin using command !iamgod in B3, now I want to know how can I stop other people from using same command? how can I restrict them? How can I change aliases of B3 commands? for example, !yes instead of !vs? which files should I change? How can you enable plugins or add new ones in B3? how can I add new functions and commands to B3? for example, I didn't find any command to change gametype from war to ffa. or command to set nextmap. how can I add such commands? I know these seem so simple, but answering these would be a great help for me
  23. in B3 XML should your public IP not be Your RCON IP needs to be your actual IP address not a local one. To change map it would be !map mp_block ? You need to have external plugin masteradmin loaded for that also. To view admins it is just !admins Its been a while so don't quote me 🙂 Give it a try.
  24. Sorry knee deep in my own project with its own little headaches. 😁
  25. I executed these 2 commands: !admintest !map block Is anything else needed? b3.log b3.xml games_mp.log server.cfg
  26. where can i download a pirated version which contain mp,been searching for a long time
  27. You'd have to provide the logs if you wanted more help
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