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  3. There are quite a few profile function calls: prof_begin( "pks1" ) etc. afaik they not something we could even use anywhere. Does it tell the game engine internally to do something required to work? If they are useless then I see no reason not to simply get rid of them as clutter that might actually impact performance. Thoughts?
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  5. Typical that when i post i found the error haha...Sorry guys.. Basically On my start up command line I made a schoolboy error.... The fs homepath was wrong so it was not able to write to the server. Stupid mistake.....I need glasses. Funny how when something is wrong you kind of start going above and beyond what the mistake actually is....Pffff Delete thread please 🙂
  6. Hi All, I am messing about with a test server at the moment and installed B3 really just as a test for myself because I have not done in it so long. It is running and messages are scrolling in the server. I have echelon up etc also. I am using the cod4x parser and all seems well..... is almost as if B3 does not see 'outside world' ? I cannot use the !iamgod and I do not appear in echelon as a client. (the first one) It is on a local machine at home. The server is showing in the list and masterlist so it is the In B3xml i have always had it like this below in the past and it has worked fine. Its been a while though so maybe I am wrong 🙂 Can anyone see anything in log? Many thanks. b3.log
  7. I know, my code is like the original and was working since 2007... but stopped to work since last COD4X update.
  8. Is what is written, your COD4 is not pure, you or someone altered this. You can get mine below then will work fine: If ask for a password type : cheers
  9. I have suddenly started to run into an issue with these bots, it has happened at least twice now. A rare bug and I cannot find the source of the problem. Has anyone else encountered this?
  10. my COD4 is already version 1.7, uninstalling CoD4x lets me open COD4 again, but installing CoD4x won't let me open iw3mp.exe.
  11. Hello @ced You can find servers per location at gametracker, you have 2 servers in Singapore :
  12. Did you maybe edited iw3mp.exe with text editor, tried to get fullbright or fov? Try install 1.7 again, you can download it here, when you are installing CoD4x, you have to extract .zip in /Activision/COD4/..., you have to extract directory, not just files from it. Your COD4 directory should look like this, just enter "cod4x_client_v18" and run install.cmd as Administrator.
  13. It says it all in the title. I've downloaded COD4 and then took the CoD4x client and extracted it onto the folder of COD4, before that the MP worked just fine, but now I can't open it because iw3mp.exe is impure. How do I fix this? Please help me!
  14. Hi, currently new to COD4X and seems to be no server in SEA region. Can anyone direct me to one that's quite close? If there is none, any SEA ppl interested? lol
  15. kertsz

    FOV configuration

    Well, it seems very bad to me, what I wanted is to reduce it.
  16. Thanks man, I appreciate it!
  17. Hello @idonthack1337 There is no 17.9 version for Linux server, 17.9 is only client version for windows. At moment, you can download Linux Server 18.0, but client ( Windows ) version is 18.3 . Previous server version ( last version of Major 17 release ) is 17.6, you can download it here
  18. Hi, made my own research before making this thread, I'm in need of the version 17.9 for Linux server, if anybody got a working link to it, I'd appreciate it ;D
  19. Activision said it is cheat, it gives you some advantage, if you have big fovscale ( like 1.3 and above ) you have better field of view, view more degrees of map. Fullbright might be advantage too, it adjust some brightness and graphics so you may see enemies easier.
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  21. Its handled in weapons.gsc in watchC4AltDetonate().
  22. i've followed all the steps and bots arent connecting to my server, can you help me?
  23. I have tried that too but just gave up on it. Ended up shutting off the server as most players gave up on this game. I do have a gamer discord if anybody wants to join it's at
  24. do you have discord, might need your help
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    Rabio Linga

    Nik Wlamirik
  26. What did you do to fix it? Your solution might help others with similar problems.
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