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  2. st0rm

    Qconsole Spam

    Yeah its weird it only happened once.
  3. i wrong to use tetheri´╗┐ng...i means tearing. Currently i disabled the vertical sync from game settings and run at 91fps....if i active that tearing effect fell increase
  4. i don't see how that term makes sense. explain pls. /cl_showfps 1 shows the current frames per second. it can show you if you are running in some fps limit. the vsync limit depends on your monitor refresh rate. not sure if the set refresh rate in the graphics settings does anything. probably depends if you are playing in fullscreen, window or fullscreen window mode.
  5. Hello i see some tethering on computer is Rx560 4gb and ryzen1400; My game settings: i have the game in italian, so i hope that can understand what there is write anyway ­čśů my radeon settings are : when i play the single player it is fluid to play, with vertical synchronization it also works well...but when i play multiplayer with vertical synchronization i see more lags....
  6. Maybe it could be a Mod or just a general addition but I'm now in that been that seen that phase with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. New extensions for the guns and probably new maps too
  7. I am sorry for not have tried it my self. By working on a different project (BSPC) I accidentally deleted stuff from the fastfile loader of Cod4 server. That why it was failing now with a different error. I attached the "again" fixed file below. cod4x18_dedrun.exe
  8. Fraggy

    help requeired

    Go onto home site of this site. There is download link. Copied it for you
  9. Yesterday
  10. Is it possible to run 1.8 servers on 1.7? i required this 1.8 servers to run on 1.7 just for kidding Quick reply is appreciated!!!
  11. Is it possible to run 1.8 servers on 1.7? i required this 1.8 servers to run on 1.7 just for kidding Quick reply is appreciated!!!
  12. dpj

    web site very slow

    we are aware of the issues, thanks
  13. Since we are on a topic of the website, maybe its not the place, but I was loged in as a person whom I pmed last time, the other person experienced the same thing a while back, and sometimes some website issues occur like couldnt load, time out etc. Just a brief input.
  14. You cant run in dev mode on stock promod anyways, theres an error screen prompt, same as for the 333 fps one. If everything is stock, only 3 promod files then idk it should work. I didnt resolve my issue yet either, will post if I manage to fix it and find a possible reason/solution.
  15. aside from the slowness at least it's working again
  16. Hello, I noticed that after the new cod4x update my B3 is not working anymore. XLRstats doesnt start... any idea please? Thank you.
  17. Error: This plugin might not be compatible with this server version! Requested plugin handler version: 3.100, server's plugin handler version: 4.0. Unloading the plugin...
  18. dpj

    web site very slow

    yes, it's normal at the moment. sorry for the inconvenience.
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  20. You are trying to look too far back in time. You can only go back 60 seconds assuming you run at 20Hz.
  21. seems this is a file for a 32 bit system and I am on a 64 bit system so I will just forget about compiling cod4x Thanks to all that responded trying to help me - it did help and shows that if your polite and respect those that know more then you do, you will get answers to your questions.
  22. Hi Guys, Any solution for the mentioned below error? I've also attached a screen shot for an overview of the problem. Thanks getting archive snapshot failed for time 136963 - oldArchiveFrame(136725) < svs.nextArchivedSnapshotFrames(138025) - NUM_ARCHIVED_FRAMES(1200)
  23. ever since the crash and return of this web site it has become extremely slow on loading pages. I wonder if anyone else has that problem?
  24. /opt/rh/devtoolset-8/root/usr/libexec/gcc/x86_64-redhat-linux/8/ld: cannot find -lstdc++_nonshared collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [makefile:170: bin/cod4x18_dedrun] Error 1 seems even devtoolset-8 errors
  25. I have devtoolset-7 so I will try 8 and see what happens
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