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  2. Problem is the limited address space of 2Gigabyte is cluttered up with too many memory fragments. If you have loaded overlays into the game it makes things even worse. 64Bit games don't have this issue.
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  4. Installing b3 with Linux

    follow the process listed in b3 website
  5. Installing b3 with Linux

    Hello, I am trying to learn how to install the b3 on Linux, using a vps but I can’t find any tutorials online.. bigbrotherbot has a Tutorial but it’s only in writing and is kinda difficult for someone new to understand, at least I can’t. I know how to install b3 using windows but can’t figure out how to do it with Linux. Also am using putty. Is there any tutorial you guys might know about that I can take a look? Or any tips to learn this strange stuff🙃. thanks.
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  7. pml220 with final killcam impairs hit registration

    All right :-)
  8. please fix knife acceleration in 1.8

    I would donate $100 to whoever implements the "knife acceleration" feature. consider this as a modest contribution to the improvement to cod4x/1.8 You guys at cod4x are doing a great job at keeping cod4 alive and up to date. keep up the good work. reply here on this thread or pm me for any programmer that is interested in this challenge.
  9. downgrade from 1.8 to 1.7

    thanks Koaja. worked like a charm.
  10. there is quite alot of assembly magic going on in the server, so bugs there are possible i guess. better just stick to our builds.
  11. downgrade from 1.8 to 1.7

    Run the COD4X Uninstaller in your game directory.
  12. I expect, it wont ever be implemented
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  14. downgrade from 1.8 to 1.7

    installed 1.8 by mistake. now i want to downgrade to 1.7 to use the knife acceleration again. is there an easy way to downgrade? or do I need to reinstall whole game again.
  15. please add knife acceleration to 1.8. only reason i keep downgrading to 1.7 is because of the lack of knife acceleration feature in 1.8. any idea if/when this feature will be implemented to 1.8?
  16. pml220 with final killcam impairs hit registration

    Thanks! I initialized that in startFinalKillcam() and now the KC runs without any errors. Thanks for the reference, I just really need to look at the basics. I am a C++ programmer, so not completely untouched by any programming language, hopefully I will catch this one fast BTW, do you have any idea why messing with the server compilation optimization levels screws up the killcam in the way I described?
  17. as i dont know the rest of the code, just add that somewhere in an init function level.randomcolour = (1,0,0); for anything exceeding that, please take the time to read the script guide if you feel remotely able to understand it first
  18. pml220 with final killcam impairs hit registration

    Thanks for the explanation
  19. pml220 with final killcam impairs hit registration

    First of all the script runtime wait implementation is bugged and can only work for 20 fps. This lets your scripts running faster than they are supposed to do. Second the client side interpolation delay is hardcoded to 100ms. So assuming you send 60 snapshots per second. The client will still do the full 100ms interpolation and ignore new snapshots until 100ms are over. Or it does update the target frame with latest snapshot which does result in chopping movement feeling. CS:GO on the other hand does automatically interpolate from the 3rd recent frame to the last received frame if you did not change settings. I recommend here to set only 2nd recent frame since you can see thing earlier then and it doesn't feel bad. CoD4 could be patched but I did not do so far.
  20. pml220 with final killcam impairs hit registration

    That was printed using the hitch warning in common.c
  21. pml220 with final killcam impairs hit registration

    Where do you see 4ms? I think 4ms are needed to run the game for 1 frame and sending the new snapshots. The other 46ms server is waiting for incoming commands from clients and processing them. So it just sleeps or does process network packets.
  22. pml220 with final killcam impairs hit registration

    So apparently the frame time is 4ms in average which would be 250 Hz, how does that corelate to the set 20 fps in sv_fps? I understand that the server needs time to update thus setting higher FPS will result in less time for the server to process all actions, but why do I see 4ms in frame time when it actually should be around 50ms?
  23. pml220 with final killcam impairs hit registration

    During the killcam, the server outputs this error everytime: ******* script runtime error ******* type undefined is not a vector: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_finalkillcam.gsc', line 320) self.victim.glowColor = level.randomcolour; * called from: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_finalkillcam.gsc', line 230) self addKillcamKiller(level.lastKillCam.attacker,level.lastKillCam.victim); * started from: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_finalkillcam.gsc', line 209) wait 0.05; * ************************************ I don't have a clue what to do about it.
  24. pml220 with final killcam impairs hit registration

    Those *.gcs files are really hard for me to read, are there any official references for this scripting language (I couldn't find any)? I am totally new to running my own server and have never seen this language before :>
  25. pml220 with final killcam impairs hit registration

    Damn, I thought it's even possible to run it at 128 ticks. I think CS:GO can run on 64 and 128 ticks. Why we cannot use anything else than 20 ticks here? And how does that even work? I mean in CS:GO 30 ticks is almost unplayable...
  26. thread addTestClient()
  27. pml220 with final killcam impairs hit registration

    Ok, I found out something really strange, I recompiled the source codes with -O2 optimizations and without debugging symbols and the player which gets killed isn't visible on the killcam, he is still at spawn together with the red target. Also when I compile with -O1, the server segfaults.
  28. Is there a way to get 2 or more bots in start mod
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