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  3. hi can someone tell me how to add bounce to b3? or what is its code to use in main_shared?
  4. Nemesis-Zombies, also known as NS-Zombies is a clan and server from call of duty 2, we recently moved to Call of duty 4. We're a strong community that have known each other for years and we're hoping to get to know YOU. Join us today and play on a server you'll never forget (i promise it's one of a kind). gameplay:
  5. You need a valid install before installing patches. You won't find how to get it for free here.
  6. I'm trying to install cod4x so I installed the gamepatches 1.6 and 1.7. I do not have the steam version, I want to play for free. Is there a new installation? This is what I get all the time.
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  8. Kreator

    cod4x token

    Ask a friend with a steam account, you need to have a non limited account, probably at least 5$ purchase on steam. Steam tokens are not to be shared around here.
  9. You don't need to download and play the steam games on your PC to have a Steam Account. Open up a Steam Account and you can get yourself a token. If you are desperate for a token then you know what to do. Plenty to read here in the forums (read about limited steam accounts), but they don't just get handed out! Do what the rest of us have done... 😁
  10. Yasuo

    cod4x token

    Hello friends, can i have server auth token please, i don't have steam account my pc can't run steam games, the only game i can play is cod4, i will be very thankfull to you..
  11. icekobrin


    I still think. int __cdecl __regparm2 PM_Friction(playerState_s *ps, pml_t *pml) { float speed,v5,v8,v13,v16; vec3_t vec; double v2; VectorCopy( ps->velocity, vec ); if(pml->walking) vec[2] = 0; speed = VectorLength(vec); if(speed < 1.0 ) { ps->velocity[0] = 0; ps->velocity[1] = 0; ps->velocity[2] = 0; return 0; } if(ps->pm_flags & 0x20000) { v2 = player_meleeChargeFriction->value * pml->frametime; } else { if( !pml->walking || pml->groundTrace.sflags & 2 || ps->pm_flags & 0x100) goto LABEL_19; if(stopspeed->value <= speed) v5 = speed; else v5 = stopspeed->value; if((char)ps->pm_flags>= 0) { if(ps->pm_flags & 0x4000) { v5 = Jump_ReduceFriction(ps) * v5; v2 = 0.0; } } else { v5 = v5 * 0.3; } v8 = friction->value * v5 * pml->frametime + 0.0; } v16 = v8; LABEL_19: if(ps->pm_type == 4) v16 = speed * 5.0 * pml->frametime + v16; v13 = speed - v16; if(0.0 > v13) v13 = 0.0; ps->velocity[0] = v13 / speed * ps->velocity[0]; ps->velocity[1] = v13 / speed * ps->velocity[1]; ps->velocity[2] = v13 / speed * ps->velocity[2]; return 0; }
  12. the server you were playing on probably modified cg_weaponCycleDelay, so stupid tbh but up to them.
  13. i think the problem here is guid that become 0 for player instead of 19 digit guid number (index 0 to 18 = total 19 numbers) this line from b3.log 210112 19:27:54 VERBOSE "connectClient() = {'0': {'slot': '0', 'name': 'HaPpY^7 0', 'pbid': None, 'ip': '', 'ping': '54', 'steam': '0', 'score': '0', 'guid': '0', 'port': '28960'}}" guid i my b3 database " 1234567891234567891" (like this) i tried putting 0 on the database table (guid) same not results (Please try your command after you have been authenticated) or this line from qconsole.log Can not register server on the masterserver. Server needs to provide a valid token in cvar sv_authtoken. maybe the registered servers can only get guid .... sorry if i am wrong. my steam account is limited account. point me to the direction so that I can understand the problem that raised hear
  14. im reposting a message because we have 2 more server Our Deathrun server is for all kind of gamers. Beginner to pro, try your chance !! 😁 Here's our Discord We have 4 servers Servers Location Canada TF-Deathrun #1 > /connect TF-Promodlive #1 > /connect Servers location Europe TF-Deathrun #2 > /connect TF-Promodlive #2 > /connect -> 60 Ranks -> New RTD -> New SHOP -> 6 Themes ( FULLY NEW UI ) -> New Weapons, characters, secondary Weapons, sprays -> New VIP menu -> New Admin system -> New Exit menu -> XP event -> Respect plugin -> Anti glitch -> Anti Jump LagG -> SpecKeys -> Fps counter ( spectators ) -> autospawn -> rank Backup -> New Quick voices menu ( 3 ) -> New Rank Icons -> New options Menu
  15. I still consider patching weapon reloading to work as it is supposed to be.
  16. Short of running your own server, no. There are many populated servers that have active admins. Where are you located that you're not finding servers in your region?
  17. Neues Textdokument.txt
  18. What if the playerID doesn't show them in the player list.. their name does, but nothing detects them? Never mind that is for admins... not just people... cest la via, guess I just forget about cod4.
  19. Hey, I play on a server that is about the only one I can play, with a decent ping. But there are a number of people who come on who cannot be found in the vote kick, and who constantly wall hack. Are there any commands available to catch a WH? I don't know why there are no admin, or if they care, but up till a few weeks ago, it was fine for the past few years. or can there be any updates that do something? I have no idea. gone are the days of rcon and pb (thank god) but this makes the entire play pointless... just thought I would ask.. cheers.
  20. hi leute ich mache diesen server das andere leute spaß an spielen haben XD Neues Textdokument.txt
  21. 1) B3 is responding like this.. Please try your command after you have been authenticated 2) GUID 0 for player 3)NOT showing in console GameServer is not VAC Secure! GameServer SteamID: [x:x:xxxxxxxx] it is also not appearing .... i seen it before but dont know what went wrong 4) ^1Error: Waited 173 msec for missing asset "codescripts/delete.gsx". I am not using any scripts just pml220 EU Mods\pml220\mod.ff Mods\pml220\pml220.iwd 5) after changing map b3 not responding for command (not even like question 1) i thought i its b3 problem i tried both 1.12 and 1.10 stable he is the Log files of both version separately logs including in zip files --------------------------- b3.log games_mp.log qconsole.log enterleave.log
  22. I believe we have it with PhP7.1 running.
  23. I will try to install one more time,with new database,php5.6 with needed extension and i will crete plugin i found problem. Anyway thanks Alex I did it now work normaly. Reinstalled php5.6 and mysql server Added plugin
  24. You have to run it with php5.6 and plugins.
  25. Hello everyone, Error: the XML response that was returned from the server is invalid. Received: Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /var/www/html/sourcebans/includes/ on line 705 Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /var/www/html/sourcebans/includes/ on line 705 Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /var/www/html/sourcebans/includes/ on line 705 Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /var/www/html/sourcebans/includes/ on line 705 Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /var/www/html/sourcebans/includes/ on line 705 $('msg-red').setStyle('display', 'none'); I followed all the steps carefully and everything works normally, but when I try to log in it always throws out this problem.Could someone help me with this problem. Best regards, Night
  26. Thank you for the replies 🙂
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