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  2. K4r3l01

    request about serverinfo and status

    i using github version branch dev_newarch and i asking because we using B3 and status and serverinfo spamming qconsole.log before that we used master branch and there is only rcon from x.x.x.x:7130: status but in this version is Rcon from x.x.x.x:7130: status hostname: ^44GF.CZ^7 #00 | TEST | version : CoD4 X - linux-i386-custom_debug build 0 Oct 17 2018 udp/ip : os : linux type : dedicated server map : mp_shipment2 num score ping playerid steamid name lastmsg address qport rate --- ----- ---- ------------------- ----------------- -------------------------------- ------- ---------------------------------------------------- ----- -----
  3. AlexC

    Endround Music

    Ye, like that.
  4. was it different in other server versions? what version are you using? why should we care?
  5. K4r3l01

    request about serverinfo and status

    so i think its something with channel
  6. Hello please its will be possible to disable console writing server response for remote rcon commands like status,serverinfo?
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  8. Shashika

    Endround Music

    How to Play endround music in oder. .EX:-[ round 1 - endround1 ] [round - endround2]
  9. hawk

    Pickup Life

    use object with function to call codes from give life to revive a player .Dont forget to use limit ortherwise it will be infinte loop
  10. var = "string". Or var = 10;
  11. Define left argument.
  12. has unmatching types 'undefined' and 'string' How to solve throwing script exception like this.
  13. dpj

    master server list

    appearing there means you did everything right. i was also able to find your server in the ingame serverbrowser in the "Internet CoD4X" list as expected.
  14. Scriptfailed

    High ping Low ping kick

    thank you guyz
  15. Yesterday
  16. elisandro

    master server list

    Hello friends, I have a problem in the server list. I made the whole process, generated the token I added the command and my server does not appear in join game in the tab internetcod4x. The most incredible thing is that at he is there with everything right. If anyone knows how to solve, I'm grateful! I've browsed the forum and the internet but without success.
  17. I will try to implement that later on. Right now I have some performance (speed) issues so I have to figure out what is causing it, I have also received an email that my server has to be fixed so I will have to wait to see if that's the problem or something else. I have some ideas for the stats already when I fix this issue then i will implement it. Previously I have used B3 but for a short time, so I am not sure what exactly features B3 have right now. I have already implemented a players DB, it is similar to echelon I believe, you have from any player who joined any of your servers all data available on the website, I will improve this later on to get more info about players (for now you have guid, steamID, ip, country, city and name aliases). The stats will not be so rich as on xlrstats since i will not create stats for all weapons individually, I will see how to make it later on
  18. its a tradeoff between convenience to use and coding effort. clans most of the time have a steam group anyways, which eliminates additional effort to manually add admins on b3 or whatever is used for server administration and remove the need to login manually for the admins.
  19. the game doesn't provide bot behaviour. without programming knowledge you won't have bots on another mod and afaik even pezbots is not working correctly with cod4x. @Hajas is the developer of a pretty huge mod and is working on getting bots working correctly in his mod. i suppose using his mod would be your best chance to get working bots. ps: this topic title is undescriptive trash pps: moved to appropriate section
  20. how to play with bots on other mods (excluding pezbot)
  21. Well, why not just put them in the mod/admin group on the condition that they wear tags? You're thinking of a complicated solution to an easy problem. On a side note though, someone with some python knowledge could look at the and add to it so that only players with certain string range in ".self" use the !auth command and therefore, only those could be able to log in and use b3 commands.
  22. Well, We are mainly focused in ppl from LATAM and there not everybody can afford a GPU some ppl call it "thirdworld" *That's not a problem for me. Mmmmm, Well it's the tool we have used since we started hosting this but we use that mainly bc the plugins "xlrstats, customcommands, pingkicker, etc" I dont know if it can be included but If it is possible it could be a big work for you so dont worry about it, its not full necesary to be added in the app. =D
  23. Hajas

    Names in cod4x

    Agreed. But I would say change the name for "rank" when we already have the actual rank system is very ugly by it's own. If you just want more ranks, just use Frontlines which have 170 ranks to level up. PS: if I use any kind of text format from the menu I got a error that I don't have permission to use them...
  24. Last week
  25. AlexC

    Show name of music used in killcam

    Yeah, use a hudelement for it when the music starts.
  26. I think I saw a script somewhere but could not find it again. Im using a custom mod like this Is there a way to display the name of the song during the killcam?
  27. sure, you could use a gsc script to check if the player is member of a certain steam group with that function. you would of course need to somehow pass that information to b3. i think b3 is parsing the logfiles, right? so just writing from gsc to the logfile would be a way to do that.
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