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  2. Hi! In the last update, i started to see the username and password when i download from the FTP a map or a mod o whatever; before it was only showed something like "ftp://*.*:....." but now everyone can see the user and pass in plain text. Of course in my case, i give only read permission but, is this a bug or is intended to be like that? Thanks!
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  4. There are still losers that will pay money for hacks for this game. Even bigger losers that will write new ones to sell. I suppose that means its not quite going dead.
  5. this games going dead anyway...
  6. That is not that correct. The d3dbsp file is loaded into CoD4-Tool (same as cod2 would load a d3dbsp file) then the structures are dumped from memory that describe the map (Clipmap, vertex, brushes, etc.) At this point the d3dbsp format is lost and from my investigations also an important information is lost needed to rebuild the valid d3dbsp file again. The final memory dump is packed in a Bytestream and compressed with deflate algorithm.
  7. Sorry for the question but in this case who/where is the compiler? Is this the *.map you are talking about?
  8. not sure what's so hard about starting the right executable
  9. You create maps in radiant (*.map). During the compiling the Compiler creates the *.bsp and *.d3bsp files. I am not 100 percent sure but i think one of them contains the geometry and the other the light informations. In the final step they are compressed into the *.ff You can easily follow the procedure when you keep an eye on the cmd window during the compile process. when you take a look into cod2 mapping you will notice that there was no *.ff, the game used the *.d3bsp to load the map. (please correct me when i am wrong, it's quite a while that i mapped and took a look into the single steps, eapecially cod2)
  10. For 4 days no one explains to me how to update the server I don't understand why you made an update new when there is no explanation This is for crying
  11. Hi, I was looking at cod4 maps formats and found out that there is: - FastFile format (.ff); - iwd files that are zips to my tknowledge But looking at the source code of cod4x server there are references to bsp maps and d3dbsp. Can someone explain to me what bsp and d3dbsp files are used for? Thanks in advance!
  12. apparently not correctly as your server version still shows as "1.7"
  13. What ={FMJ}=Smiley said... I.M.O. your sv_authtoken is better in the command line for example; +sv_pure "1" +set sv_authtoken "big-ass_token_number" Just my 2-bits...
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  15. I deleted it cod4_lnxded then I set up cod4x18_dedrun the server will not start. what a problem it can be ? I tried to delete cod4_lnxded-bin and I set up cod4x18_dedrun server can be started but then the same is not on the master list
  16. dpj

    Master server

    don't create duplicate threads, thanks
  17. you are running the wrong executable. you need to use cod4x18_dedrun instead of cod4_lnxded.
  18. I tried the same won't I don't have a new version on the server I don't know how to update
  19. You have 2 threads going! Look on the other
  20. Try +set sv_authtoken “YOURTOKEN” in your start up command instead. Doing it in server.cfg never worked for me
  21. My server is Linux I overwintered linux 19.3 I switched the folder on the server across Filezile And nothing happens Oh my God
  22. WOW that is super impressive!!! congratz to all that worked towards this goal
  23. main() { maps\mp\_load::main(); maps\mp\_compass::setupMiniMap("compass_map_mp_killhouse"); game["allies"]="sas"; game["axis"]="russian"; game["attackers"]="allies"; game["defenders"]="axis"; game["allies_soldiertype"]="woodland"; game["axis_soldiertype"]="woodland"; level.sunlight=1.5; >>>>setDvar( "weap_allow_frag_grenade", 0 ); } No, didn't hear it?
  24. i am assuming that you are using your personal pc to host a server ... other players can only join if your " ip " is " public ip " if your you using an actual server ., dont assign any ip to server just let it be and use the servers public ip to join ....
  25. If you server is crashing or something and its auto restarting, you might have a cod4x task running already while trying to start another one, it can be a common case, check your pid list, "top" for linux, and kill the old one first in case you are getting that error, or as Alex said, the port is busy already by some other app.
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