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  2. cod4x server ubuntu

    attach to your screen session (I dont use screen so I dont know sorry) and ctrl c on your cod4 window
  3. cod4x server ubuntu

    how to stop server now ? I added screen -dmS cod4
  4. cod4x server ubuntu

    Awesome, create the screen session seperately (or retest with your screen dMs stuff) and attach to it and run the cod4 server. Glad it helped
  5. cod4x server ubuntu

    thanks bro I love you it woking
  6. cod4x server ubuntu

    chmod +x cod4x18_dedrun then run the script
  7. cod4x server ubuntu

    root@sds:~/cod4$ ./ ./ line 2: ./cod4x18_dedrun: Permission denied root@sds:~/cod4$ sudo ./ ./ line 2: ./cod4x18_dedrun: Permission denied
  8. cod4x server ubuntu

    Remove the screen bits, and just try ./cod4x18_dedrun blah blah, see if it runs at least. We can create a screen session later if this works,.
  9. cod4x server ubuntu

    #!/bin/bash screen -dmS cod4 ./cod4x18_dedrun +set dedicated " 2" +set net_ip "" +set net_port" 28960" +set sv_hostname" new ubuntu server " +map mp_backlot and same results not able to connect server .... I drought if server started or ports not opened
  10. cod4x server ubuntu

    Not sure on the screen side of things, I usually create the session (tmux in my case) then run the cod4x dedrun via a script (the ./cod4x18_dedrun blah blah) but yes you would be correct generally. Make sure cod4x18_dedrun is executable Also, make sure you have quotations around your servername +set sv_hostname "New Server" never tested without quotations but i suspect it will cause issues but thats just a guess.
  11. cod4x server ubuntu

    after I edited this file .. I did command ./ and nothing happen and I tried checking for open ports and there is no ports open (28960 , 20800 ,20810) is that means my ports not opened ? or ./ command executed wrongly
  12. cod4x server ubuntu

    #!/bin/bash screen -dmS cod4 ./cod4x18_dedrun +set dedicated 2 +set net_ip +set net_port 28960 +set sv_hostname new ubuntu server +map mp_backlot is this correct? edited this
  13. Change scoreboard columns

    DE miéééééééééééééééééééé
  14. Promodlive220 Opensource with Flags

    What does the original have to do? being that the crazy neither helped in anything? Why give credit to someone who does not deserve? Another thing was if I gave the help? just say sorry I do not share or help in any of that mod? Would you give credit to someone like that? Your request is irrelevant! It's nothing personal, but as you'll see in his post of his mod, he left the gsc free, and see yourselves! we saw it, we made it easy to share! So with the issue of the credits so that if you refuse everything to help? Your order does not make sense! let the kids enjoy the code!
  15. other server

    if you are so clever, for you the questions are funny, do not write and laugh here just ignore the questions of newcomers
  16. other server

    are you bad, when i insult pm developers?! bad guy, so bad person I know you, you add all time bad comments, are you think you are Einstein 12 yare little boy think genius
  17. other server

    Need I remind you, you have insulted the developers of COD4X in pm before. Dont flood yet you flood the forums with stupid questions that can be answered on google. Practice what you preach mate.
  18. Change scoreboard columns

    I checked all the possible gscs and menufiles, but i found nothing which shows the hud of the scoreboard. Thanks for fast answer anyways
  19. other server

    rolax little boy, try make good this world dont f**king languages if you help, is good, but dont flood pls
  20. Change scoreboard columns

    Pretty sure you need to change or something like that
  21. other server

    Im just a noob who runs B3 just fine and doesnt have to ask questions on simple Database login issues. Fuck off dude. There is a reason nobody answers your questions, and its because you dont listen when people are being blatanly obvious with their answers
  22. Change scoreboard columns

    Hello guys! Im making a movement based map. So for it i need to change some of the scoreboard columns, like Kills --> Bounces, Deaths --> FPS maybe. Anyone who has idea, how is it possible with gsc scripting? regards.
  23. other server

    i am sure before when you dont know it, nobody over you did not laugh, but you're just noob
  24. other server

    Yes you were right and I was wrong and since my google search did not produce the link you so generously provided. I thank you.
  25. CoD4 Status - screenshot view web

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Table 'neho.my_servers' doesn't exist query: SELECT * FROM my_servers' in C:\xampp\htdocs\classes\MysqliDb.php:1868 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\classes\MysqliDb.php(1476): MysqliDb->_prepareQuery() #1 C:\xampp\htdocs\classes\MysqliDb.php(649): MysqliDb->_buildQuery(NULL) #2 C:\xampp\htdocs\index.php(8): MysqliDb->get('my_servers') #3 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\classes\MysqliDb.php on line 1868 how to fix?
  26. other server

    I am laughing way too hard at this thread
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