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  2. Screen bug after install cod4x

    When I install the cod4x my call of duty starts and keep in a black screen saying "Invalid Format", somebody can help me ? I did the tests and this only occurs when the cod4x is installed.
  3. only thing i can see there is that your aim is shit
  4. I have problem when I fire with any auto gun (AK47, AK74-u, MP5, etc). When I am alone in some part of the map and firing to the wall everything is fine. When I am firing on some player sometimes happen that gun just stop firing for second and then continue to fire again. Windows 10 is installed few days ago, nvidia drivers are installed and reinstalled ano more time but same thing happening. Did anyone had similar problem??? Check video between 0:27 and 0:30

    what I meant is when I was running just cod4 someone used a hack that allowed them to download my server config file and proved to me that it could be done by stating what my rcon password was. Since I had that experience in cod4 after I updated to cod4x I decided that I wanted to use a GSX script to install the rcon password and not the server config file. As for what you asked about downloading the gsx script with password now - all I can say is you cannot. However is your asking for a script to allow you to do the same I will gladly post the script I use.
  6. open port 28961

    If you are running the server on a paid service then ask your provider to open port 28961 if the server is run on a home computer and you don't know about firewalls I suggest you google it.
  7. GeoLocation2 Plugin Feature Suggestions

    Actually it should be nice feature - at 1st you define player's location (language) and then you output strings (location info also) in his language btw what you mean by only english outputs are supported? its not. cod4 is translated into many languages and players got they localized .ff / .iwd and they can see/type in different encodings as well. for ex 90% of my players are russians and I got dual translation for every string
  8. GeoLocation2 Plugin Feature Suggestions

    First of all thanks for doing it. I think should be like Scr_GeoLocation (self) (Scr_AddString(NET_AdrToString(&svs.clients[entityNum].netchan.remoteAddress))) ISP I think is unnecessary I think its server admin care how to use this feature, its not complicated stuff As far as I know netchan.remoteAddress returns only 1 IP (v4 or v6) and both are supported by MaxMD. And about fields. I think it will be good if you include all possible data into output array/object. And admins will decide what to use and what not. But the most important I think are Country, City and Subdivisions btw you can check how my PHP parser works and all fields it gets here - ( for ex) p.s. I can share full version of DB if you need (for testing reasons ofc (PM me)
  9. Hey guys, I have been developing an api for use incod4 for the GeoIP2 Databases by maxmind in the form of a plugin . I am in early stages and have completed the basic plugin code and now i have decide what features should the plugin have. So i need your suggestions on a few things, what to include etc. Feel free to comment about anything on this and what could be done better. 1- Plugin provides a gsx function, Scr_GeoLocation(<arg>), for retrieving information. The numeric codes are : country2 = 0 , country3, // 1 countryfull, // 2 continent2, // 3 continentfull, // 4 state2, // 5 statefull, // 6 city, // 7 ispcode, // 8 ispfull // 9 As you noticed, this plugin also provides ISP info, using the maxmind ASN database. So to run this plugin both GeoCity2 And ASN Databases are needed. For now, only english outputs are supported since i do not think anyone uses other localisations to make a difference. (or do they ? D). Then i thought, well not everybody will be using gsx scripts to retrieve information. We should also provide simple cvars to set in cfg that would do limited things like greet players on joining . Possible implementation of this : DoGeoWelcome = "1 or 0" GeoWelcomeContent = "24679" --> Outputs "Welcome Kingwolf from France Europe Occtinane Paris OVH". However, doing this is questionable, since will this even be easily readable. A better way is "Country: France, City: Paris",but then you cant add alot of info in the greeting. Open to suggestions on how to format the greeting. GeoWelcome2 follows the dual-stack ipv6/ipv4 guidelines, by preferring to check ipv6, and if it is not valid, checking for ipv4. Question: what would be an output when a player connects only from ipv4 and ipv6 is not set and vice versa in the byte array. Since the compilation of the plugin is complicated, especially on windows, i will possible provide an external build system for A-Z compilation.. but this is mabye a long way off. Still in early stages, so no guarantees of any kind from me. Maybe ill have some news in a week.

    so where can we download you gsx script with password now ?

    can anyone fix it for me via team viewer. ..😭😭😭

    i followed a tutorial and b3 started with no erros...i am running my server with pml220 and i can't see pb there...the log says pn is disabled... is it important to enable pb??

    yes it is. however, setting it on the commandline works too of course

    my car is making those weird noises, fix plz be fucking more specific and stop hijacking other threads
  15. cod4x

    yes how can i add? can u help me?
  16. cod4x

    please help me cod4X_Xxx.dll eror is coming

    please also help me i cant play cod 4 multiplayer
  18. cod4x

    cmon, be more specific. maybe this menu - ? P.S. no free help on the implementation of this stuff from me.
  19. cod4x

    menus in gaming menu
  20. cod4x

    what is this?
  21. open port 28961

    Well then you did whitelist your port 28960 also somehow in firewall. So you should know how to do it.
  22. Possible the code hosted right now on Github is far less stable than the last binary release we have made.
  23. eorror

    ---------- Crash Backtrace ----------�[0m ]� � 10: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_DumpCrash+0xe5) [0x20aacaf]�[0m ]� � 9: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_SigHandler+0x3c) [0x20aadf6]�[0m ]� � 8: [0xf7ee8dd0]�[0m ]� � 7: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ [0xf7c14d3a]�[0m ]� � 6: ./cod4x18_dedrun() [0x819755f]�[0m ]� � 5: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Com_InitGamefunctions+0x90) [0x2028e43]�[0m ]� � 4: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Com_LoadBinaryImage+0x32) [0x2028f90]�[0m ]� � 3: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Com_Init+0x3e7) [0x20293b1]�[0m ]� � 2: ./cod4x18_dedrun(Sys_Main+0x5c) [0x20ab6ab]�[0m ]� � 1: ./cod4x18_dedrun(main+0x1ce) [0x20b1e7d]�[0m ]� � 0: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ [0xf7af1986]�[0m how can i fix this error
  24. open port 28961

    fire wall
  25. Yep. It you have provided incorrect credentials it will throw error (not fatal) into console and handle will be undefined. But if your MYSQL its offline/wrong address your server will stuck for 2 minutes timeout (even if its a thread) and again handle will be undefined. So its better to make sure you got MYSQL online before start server with MYSQL plugin
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