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  3. Remove this and everyone dies.
  4. loop through all players and either suicide them (if you don't care about the kills counting towards the nuke launcher), or call the damage function on them.
  5. sounds are usually inside the iwd files which are just renamed zip extensions. some people directly compile sound into the ff files but that's really uncommon because then the file size explodes pretty fast. However, there is a ff decompiler for cod5 to extract these kind of sounds, maybe it works for cod4 too.
  6. Hello! I really didn't want to flood your forums with help requests as I can see you get enough topics about B3 as it is. I did look to see if you had a discord or anything that I could just ask a quick question and be on my way, but I didn't find anything. A few friends and I have just started a cod4 server so that we can have a reunion once every few months and laugh like we used to. I've got the server itself running just fine and everything is going well. However, I looked into setting up B3 and it seems their own doc page is offline, and their github docs are wildly outdated. I've been searching for days now on how to get it set up and what dependencies to install etc, but I keep either ending up with the wrong dependencies from following 3 different guides at once, or I get errors with the setup file saying that easy_install can't be run. Does anyone have a good wiki / doc for installing b3 from scratch on a brand new machine running Ubuntu 20.04? Any help would be much appreciated. Feel free to either reply here or hit me up on Discord @Vay#0420.
  7. Hello everyone ! i wanted to know if its possible to extract the audio files from a mod, and especially this one : i think they are pretty cool to listen to and i would l;ike to use them for personal projects. thanks to anybody who can help me !
  8. Is there a code that kills all active players and bots if a player calls in a nuke strike? I found this online but it does not work on COD4x NE: set scr_nuke_kills_all 1 set scr_nuke_emp_duration 30 Under nuke.gsc, I can see where you can adjust the fog and radiation but not the initial blast. How can I set the nuke to kill all?
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  10. BRO! omg thank u so much i've been fiddling with this for 2 days now.. and i tried what u said and it worked THANKs MAN!!
  11. If you haven't tried this, I would give it a go. Delete folder: C:\Users\"your profile name"\AppData\Local\CallofDuty4MW Verify integrity of your cod4 game files on steam - this will replace any altered / corrupt files. Download cod4x from this site and install You will lose your cod4x profile though This is to try and get the game working... As for the config I would not use it again as it really screwed up your game
  12. Hello, i hope i'm posting this to the right area. I downloaded Cod4 on steam. I downgraded to 1.7 and for a few days was enjoying the cod4x client and all the extra servers. Then i decided to go download and old pro's config and use it (keep in mind i've used this config before back in 2010 when i used to play this game) Anyway when i started cod4 with the new config it basically shut my computer down. I then turned my computer back on and now when i try to start cod4 i get the Error during initialization Tried to use a player profile b4 it was set. Now i've looked up this issue and tried everything that was suggested to fix. i.e. uninstall, remove profiles, used revo uninstaller pro to remove everything in the registry involving COD4, manual installing 1.7.dll. there is a way i can get cod4 to work in 1.7 and thats by going into the installation files and clicking on the "play cod4 1.7" shortcut and then it will start but when i try to play a server that requires me to download promod or any mod it will either shut cod4 down and give me that error or it will just sit on setting up game and then say server disconnected. Remember that i was able to play these servers for the first days and the start of this issue was installing a new config. I have a few more ideas as i feel steam may be trying to replay an old profile that was shadow copied. I feel like i'm about to spend 20 more bucks on gamestops digital version just to see if i can rule out steams issue with the old profile and thinking maybe I somehow managed to cause the error in steams app alone. but if u guys have any ideas plz fill me in thanks!
  13. use hud.label with localized strings if possible, they don't count towards the configstring limit. like instead of hud setText("hello World") ; you can do hud.label = &"hello World"; this also works with single variables, like hud.label = &"Money: &&1"; hud setValue(100); However to set string variables into the label you (again) need setText()
  14. I was testing it on my lan. So it does work got it. And do i need to add 21 port number after you added usermaps at the end? do i need to add that or just a root folder containing both "mods" and "usermaps"
  15. Yes. It will default default to ipv4 if ipv6 is not set, that's normal behaviour.
  16. Damage indicator all good for normal helicopter ( I will have to use that now ) but did not work for the little bird . Will take another look.
  17. The IP you posted here will not work for people who aren't on your LAN network. You will need your full internet IP address for anyone not on your LAN. Once you have that sorted, just ensure the following is in your server.cfg: set sv_allowdownload "1" seta sv_wwwDownload "1" seta sv_wwwBaseURL "ftp://user:password@" seta sv_wwwDlDisconnected "0" Just edit the sv_wwwBaseURL to match your download address.
  18. I have setup a filezilla server with ftp://cod4user:69@ as a fastdownload URL will this work or only http will do. I dont know much about this topic and have already spent enough time to post here Thanks
  19. Got it. And thats interesting to know because that is what was happening, server kept defaulting to ipv4 because i didnt set net_ip6 so it was not advertised
  20. If you haven't set net_ip6, it will bind to nothing, so no ipv6 address will be advertised to the masters.
  21. Hello, I am looking into this issue for luna 2 specifically. If anyone knows where i can start looking is going to be helpful. This could include xasset code changes in cod4 or specific features of the luna map causing this error Regards, Kingwolf
  22. Yeah True. I got confused since i didnt set net_ip6 in my commandline so server defaulted to ipv4?( Havent confirmed)
  23. No, ipv6 is preferred. I just tried, works fine. (CoD4X servers browser, not vanilla CoD4)
  24. Kingwolf

    Cod4 Promod Server

    Yes i can help. Inbox
  25. Thanks for the reply. The assists are now working 🙂 Had some help from @Belial95 Who also pointed out the same as you in globallogic. Regarding hiticon/damagefeedback. In my littlebird.gsc line 590 was changed from false to true. Not sure if this is right. attacker thread maps\mp\gametypes\_damagefeedback::updateDamageFeedback( true ); Also not sure if it works yet as not fully tested. That line is also on the helicopter.gsc and changed. Will report back. Regarding this scr_enable_hiticon. Normal damage feedback is there on enemy players. Not sure if there is something separate for 'equipment/vehicles etc' ? Hopefully the above works. As for the streaks, they were changed as you said also in globallogic. I checked weapon names again added to the list as a couple were missing and now all good. Thx for the help and will report back if damage indicator works.
  26. hellshit

    Cod4 Promod Server

    Hey all any here can help me to setup server mods on my server. ofc you get something for it
  27. Currently when joining servers with ipv6 and ipv4 both, ipv4 is preferred when ipv6 should be preferred?
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