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  2. Then you have to remove your fake Steamclient installation before you can play. Take a look at the following registry hive: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\steam Cod4 x is checking for its presence.
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  4. You can buy cod4 from steam and download cod4x here:
  5. No idea, did you deny the attempt in Windows firewall? The error you see can only show up when you run Steam client. But as you say you don’t have official Steam installed you are dealing with a fake Steam installation here. I can’t help here.
  6. Then what about the window firewall? when it appear my cod4 behave like that
  7. Buy the game. Dont use a cracked steam client. Easy peasy. If those two things are not acceptable, perhaps you shouldnt be playing games.
  8. Then you have a cracked Steam client or a cracked game that behaves as it is Steam. The problem is not coming from CoD4.
  9. After Window Fire Wall Appeared I Choose Allow Then This Error Appear
  10. You have an official Steam installation and you are running this installation?
  11. Today I Launch Call Of Duty 4 MP Like The Other Days.But I Have Encounter A Error Name Steam Authentication Failed.Please Help Me Note: I Have Non-Steam Version (Cracked) Work With Multiplayer. Sorry For My Bad English Grammar
  12. Carrier Grade PAT was also my next thought when you said it still doesn’t work after port forwarding. I guess you can be glad that you have got a internet routeable IP address at all from your ISP without trouble.
  13. yooooo my friend connected and it works thank you all for helping a noob af like me (especially MAD_DAD tks man i owe u) and giving me ur time of the day i wish yall the best of luck in ur future endevours
  14. i contacted my isp and it seems that my router was assigned a private address so i requested a public address and now i checked my port but it said that my port was still closed tho and yea i put a static ip to my device as but still no sign of port being opening ill tell my friend to connect and come back to yall
  15. You must edit weapons and add it there
  16. usually happens if you visited a malicious or badly configured server that changed your stats files you can either create a new profile, or visit a server that unlocks all weapons for your profile. i recently saw this post for it its always good to backup your profile .. just in case.
  17. "External source address" needs to stay empty check if "Internal Host" is equal to the ip address of your pc (like smiley said, it may change when the router is restarted) you can check if your port is reachable with for example it will show if the cod4 server is running
  18. If the server is starting for you and you can connect but your friends cannot...what message are they getting..can they see your server? I think your port forward looks ok. It believe it wont show as open until something actually connects to it. In your router do not forget to assign (normally in LAN SETUP) a local IP to the machine so it's fixed. My machine will always be for example. If you don't and restart router, windows, machine etc it MAY assign a different local IP.
  19. Installing and Using a Shared Library unlike windows, linux does not check the working directory for libraries typically, unless you tell it to. that's also where my example from above comes in again. it shows the basic concepts. now with a tiny change: rm main gcc -c -fPIC foobar.c -o foobar.o gcc -shared -fPIC foobar.o -o gcc -c main.c -o main.o # gcc main.o ./ -o main gcc main.o -lfoobar -L. -o main LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH ./main not defining the symbol at all leads to a warning for implicit declaration. the correct place to define it would probably be "foobar.h" as the function belongs to the foobar library, not the main program.
  20. i forwarded according to the video and checked the manual still no success ill try contacting my isp and reply
  21. also found a video for your router: How to forward ports on Huawei HG8245H. - YouTube
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