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  2. how to run please how to runed in consloe
  3. Anti camp

    i dont know how to add distance check , hope someone help because i think its a script lot of people have because saw it in lot of servers
  4. Anti camp

    1) remove the self.angles bs 2) add distance check 3) have a nice anticamp script 4) world domination also the thread should be ended on death, otherwise you will spawn multiple threads for a dying player. unless joined_spectators catches that, but i dont think it does
  5. Bug in Broadcast

    played on 4x a long time. Love 4x, and wanna say a THANKS to those developers of 4x. it happened only when i updated 4x 18 17.5, the latest client pack. If i have any new info about my crash, i will post it here. Thx to you all again.
  6. Bug in Broadcast

    For me it's not crashing. Attach your crashdump here, they can find out why. Maybe delete pb from your installation folder.
  7. Anti camp

    Its working but you must only stand and not do anything , the campers shoot and move the mouse , so must be an improve in script to let anti camp work with moving the mouse and shooting , also to be working after moving some meters for example , so the camper need to move lot of distance away from the place till its disappear not just move little distance.
  8. Bug in Broadcast

    my cod4x crashed a lot lot lot, it is also my self problem ??
  9. Bug in Broadcast

    "config_mp.cfg" in "%appdata%/Local/CallOfDuty4MW/profiles/"
  10. Bug in Broadcast

    tried, didnt know the key Word...
  11. Bug in Broadcast

    yes, after entering your code , it Works, thank you very much, although i dont know how did it happen........
  12. Bug in Broadcast

    use the forum search please
  13. Bug in Broadcast

    2 doubts: -How could i ruin my config? I did nothing...... even I do not know where is the config file of 4x..... -Where saves my personal multiplayer data of 4x? I wanna copy it, to use it in my new computer.
  14. Bug in Broadcast

    dynent_active 1 There are no such bugs, you just broke your config
  15. Bug in Broadcast

    actually ,the latest 4x has a lot of bugs, my cod4 program crashed a lot after i install the latest 4x, the brightness became to fail to adjust(now i have solved this problem), the TV and PC can not be destroyed or moved by bullets or explorsive.
  16. Bug in Broadcast

    what could i do ? could you give me a earlier patch of 4x to download, i could install it to make sure that the bug only happen in the latest 4x. (im almost sure that the bug is only in the latest 4x)
  17. Bug in Broadcast

    proof or didn't happen. sounds like a very adventurous bug if it was one
  18. Crash Upon Startup

    Wow that worked instantly...thanks. I thought I had deleted it from my computer, but I guess it stayed in the cod4 directory and I never thought twice about what PB was. Once again, thanks for helping me out.
  19. Bug in Broadcast

    Hi there. In Broadcast, the bullets can not destroy or push down the TVs and PC screens. After uninstall CoD4x, this problem is solved. If I install 4x back, the TV and PC become solid again. So Im sure that it is a bug of 4x. Does anyone else have this bug, or just got I? How could I fix it? Ps: -The 4x is the lastest. -I have restarted the program, restarted my PC, changed another Broadcast server to try to fix it, but I failed. -I have uninstalled 4x and re-installed it, to fix, but failed. -I have uninstalled 4x and deleted tit, then download a new one, to fix, but failed.
  20. Yesterday
  21. FPS Problem

    what's your client version? should be 17.5
  22. Anti camp

    Thanks for posting that because with a little tweaking on what it says to the player it suited my purpose.
  23. FPS Problem

    bump same shit
  24. Anti camp

    #include maps\mp\_utility; #include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util; #include common_scripts\utility; init() { level thread onPlayerConnect(); } onPlayerConnect() { for( ;; ) { level waittill( "connecting", player ); player thread onSpawnPlayer(); } } onSpawnPlayer() { self endon ( "disconnect" ); while( 1 ) { self waittill( "spawned_player" ); //if(getDvar("g_gametype") != "war") self thread AFKMonitor(); } } AFKMonitor() { self endon("disconnect"); self endon("joined_spectators"); self endon("game_ended"); level endon ("vote started"); hmmmmm = 0; while(isAlive(self)) { ori = self.origin; angles = self.angles; wait 1; if(isAlive(self) && self.sessionteam != "spectator") { if(self.origin == ori && angles == self.angles) { hmmmmm++; } else { hmmmmm = 0; } if(hmmmmm == 20) { self iPrintlnBOld("^5Move Camper:)"); } if(hmmmmm >= 30) { self.sessionteam = "spectator"; self.sessionstate = "spectator"; self [[level.spawnSpectator]](); self notify("sdfsdfdsf"); iPrintln("^2" + " ^1 Switch to spectators "); return; } } else { hmmmmm = 0; } } }
  25. Anti camp

    Hi, Im searching for anti camp script , so player will be warned to move after 30 seconds for example and his weapons will be taken , and given again when he move. i saw some of links but most of them with b3 , so i want a stock script please. Thanks
  26. A complete release

    Hi peps, It's been a loooong time coming and I finally have somewhat complete release ( github ). Vast majority of planned and suggested stuff was added, however my private tests are limited so the mod might still include bugs, beware. To run the mod you need a newer version of cod4x server ( 14 Jul or later ), and a trueskill plugin ( github ). I'll upload the compiled plugin for both windows and linux soon, for those who don't know how to compile it themselves. When all bugs are fixed and all features added I will add a mysql support aswell. Enjoy.
  27. Are you sure it doesn't crash right on startup of CoD4? From your crashdump it looks like it doesn't get over sound initialization.
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