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  3. Is it possible to separate the chat logs on the database by server? Basically I want to have each servers chat logs to be separate on the database instead of being all dumped into one table. Thanks
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  5. Szia. Tudod, az RconTools nem hoz létre külön konfigurációs fájlokat, de meglévő konfigurációs fájlokat tud írni. A Q3config_server.cfg olvassa az general.cfg fájlból a cfg fájlnevet, amelyet az RconTools már rögzített vagy szerkeszthető. A probléma az, hogy ezt csak akkor lehet megtenni, ha a q3config_server.cfg fájl és az előre beépített general.cfg fájl ugyanabban a könyvtárban vannak futás közben. Tegyük fel, hogy nem az RconTools szoftvert használja. Ha a létrehozott konfigurációs fájlt nem tárolja a q3config könyvtárban, akkor az nem lesz képes olvasni. És az alapvető probléma az, hogy az előző bejegyzésemben láthatod, hogy nincs semmi baj a szkripttel. Amikor futtatja, létrehoz egy új könyvtárat a q3confign számára, amely nem működik ugyanabban a könyvtárban, mint az general.cfg fájl. Ez a probléma. Már ismeri a fent leírt paramétereket, A Linux debian alatt futtassa a szkriptet, és látni fogja, hogy a q3config külön könyvtárban jön létre. Az elérési út megváltozik, ha csak a saját general.cfg fájlt akarja letölteni, ha a könyvtárban van q3config. a saját konfigurációs fájljával. Nem volt időm foglalkozni ezzel a kérdéssel tovább. Ha megoldást lát, nyitott vagyok rá, köszönöm a segítséget! Ps: I think q3config wants to include the general.cfg file. If you can modify this, you might be able to use RconTolls on Codx4 servers to set up the game server at your own pace rather than typing command lines.
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  7. You have to edit the default scripts.
  8. I think your rcontool is not supposed to generate files. No? Only file which can remember runtime settings is q3config_server.cfg but you have to exec it from command-line. And it will only remember stuff set with the "seta" command.
  9. Hi there. Maybe I figured out the problem, the solution will come So the whole server directory changes with running cod4x18_dedrun. Which means that when I copy the entire game server file to the server, I give it the necessary execution permissions, for example: cd / home / user / callofduty4 Then the directory will be the boot file. (Cod4x18_dedrun) I create a script that looks like this: #! / Bin / bash cd / home / user / callofduty4 / screen -dmS cod4 ./cod4x18_dedrun + set sv_authorizemode "-1" + exec general.cfg + map_rotate When you run the script, it starts an auto-upgrade and then creates a .callofduty4 / main directory that contains the following files: q3config_server.cfg xbase_00.iw So the run script completely upset the directory. Read the general.cfg file from the above directory, but only if I copy it there. In RconTools and user / callofduty4, overwrite the configuration file. I see three solutions. 1. tell Rcontools where to work, where to save. 2. I disassemble the codx18_dedrun launcher and tell it where to upgrade to which directory. 3. * I try to redirect libraries for proper operation. (the latter may not be workable)
  10. no his last post confused me also - the program is a rcon tool that can be run in windows (If I downloaded the program he is talking about.) it will allow you to set things on the server that you would set with a server.cfg however it will not save your config settings to a file or on the server.. the help section has links that go to a web site that is no longer available. here is what I found on the internet - but its a windows has a lot of functions some self explanatory some no help on what to do with it. CoDRconTool13.exe
  11. Is it just me who don't understand the content? 🤔
  12. check your b3 directories for sql files if you have them then use them.
  13. I imported the file to the database, and it took some of the previous errors away, but new errors appear and xlrstats doesn't load. The new errors: 190821 21:59:39 ERROR 'Could not start plugin xlrstats' Traceback (most recent call last): File "E:\cod4xservers\cod4xserver1b3\b3\", line 1096, in startPlugins start_plugin(self, plugin_name) File "E:\cod4xservers\cod4xserver1b3\b3\", line 1087, in start_plugin p.onStartup() File "E:\cod4xservers\cod4xserver1b3\b3\plugins\xlrstats\", line 219, in onStartup self.save_Stat(player) File "E:\cod4xservers\cod4xserver1b3\b3\plugins\xlrstats\", line 874, in save_Stat cursor = self.query(q) File "E:\cod4xservers\cod4xserver1b3\b3\storage\", line 635, in query raise e InternalError: (1054, u"Unknown column 'id_token' in 'field list'")
  14. Thank you for following the question. Just part of my problem is that the developer is no longer available in any respect. The program includes career changes, banquets, etc. implemented. However, the settings are not maintained. I was a little more immersed in it and thought it was interesting to discover. There is a directory where I copy the base files. Example: cd / arbitrary directory / COD -> Run the script from here (./ Finally, I found the following in a completely different directory. cd / different directory /./ callofduty4 / main ... In this different directory, create the q3config_server.cfg file when running the script. And if you don't have your own configuration movie in this directory, you won't inherit anything. The program (CoD Rcon Tool) works in any directory, not in a different directory. Ergo is worth nothing, maybe to keep the scammers away. If you want to change anything you like, you have to use handwritten commands in your cfg. able to record. Eppie: I don't really understand what a database would need for this? Natur can be run without the server database. I do web hosting, I do not risk linking the threads.
  15. I tried that program but since there is no instructions on how to use it (even though its mostly self explanatory) the help web site for it is no longer in existence and seems the maker of the program is no longer available. I am unable to give an answer on your problem. Maybe someone else that uses it may be able to help you.
  16. interesting program your talking about I downloaded a copy of it and will look at it.
  17. cod4x18_dedrun +set sv_authorizemode 0 +set dedicated 2 +set sv_maxclients 16 +exec sample.cfg +map_rotate
  18. dit you upload this file to the data base phpmyadmin mysql.rar
  19. Hi. The answers to your questions are as follows: 1. Linux Debian Stretch 2. #! / Bin / bash cd / xxxxxx / xxxxxx / COD / screen -dmS cod4 ./cod4x18_dedrun + set sv_authorizemode "-1" + set dedicated 2 + set sv_maxclients 16 + exec sample.cfg + map_rotate 3. Yes I use a configuration file. 4. I am aware of what a configuration file is. Thanks for the cfg. But since I have my own setup, I guess I won't need it. I will advance the answers to your further question. Chmod is distributed to provide both files for boot. All necessary libraries are available. My system access is an administrator. The libraries function is specified correctly. Server working, access successful. The administration program I use is CoD RconTool 13 Standard. If my question may not be fully understood, I will try to explain in more detail what I want. There is an administration program in which the settings I want to use are always valid until the end of the current path. Once the level, game type, and pre-defined levels are changed, they are not inherited. I would like to find solutions to my hypothesis already described above, preferably without the need to extract the startup command line or the cfg file, and edit it separately. After all, that would be the Administration program. Thank you in advance for your help.
  20. did ninja ever release the fix ?
  21. try using this but be aware its from version 1.9.2 recreate-xlrstats.sql
  22. I have imported the sql updates to the database about 5 times now, same error with xlrstats.
  23. question 1. what operating system are you talking about? 2. what is your startup line? 3. do you use a server.cfg file? 4. do you know what a server.cfg file is? here is an example server.cfg file server.cfg
  24. Thank you for your help, I have read this thread and the information is irrelevant to the questions. Although I put the number of open slots in, I don't understand why Rcon tools is there. Because I thought the role of this would be to administer the server, but if the set value does not inherit, then practically we want to "configure" anything on the server, it should be typed in the boot file. in this case, if I only want TDM then Rcontools does not inherit it as a setup. My question is still given. If there is no meaningful solution then there is a mod or RconTool interface where the settings will be inherited when I set the levels, game types I want.
  25. Well, the number of slots is usually prescribed in the server launch line or read this topic
  26. It works the same for multiplayer (I'd assume it's not documented as it is a hack after all). I see where you are coming from, it indeed increases the field of view, however, there are a couple of factors which play in my favor I believe: Infinity Ward have no problem with changing the fov ( source ) A majority of the servers have a custom fov anyway There is also a hex value in the iw3mp.exe you can change which adjusts the fov, so you could have a correct aspect ratio without altering the fov
  27. Hi there. I want to configure a server. With the help of rcontools. All settings become current as soon as I set them up with access rights. The downside is that I can't write the number of clients so I can't control the number of empty slots. I tried to configure map rotation, but as soon as the server moves to the next level, it no longer inherits the settings. My question is, what is blocking the inheritance of settings? And why can't I change the number of slots? I feel like the server, but not somewhere. The server configuration file is only partially read, so something is blocking, I can't figure out what it is. The Linux debian platform. I see that the q3config_server.cfg file controls my server. I want to change this so that I can customize my server. Thank you in advance for your help.
  28. I am trying to get MySQL functionality to work, and have been unsuccessful. I have enabled MySQL in the config file, placed the libcod4x_mysql.dll in the plugin directory and added the loadplugin in the server.cfg. As the server starts, it fails to load the plugin. The reason I am trying to get the MySQL functionality to work is because I can't get xlrstats to load. The error I get is: 190818 00:47:02 ERROR 'Could not start plugin xlrstats' Traceback (most recent call last): File "E:\cod4xservers\cod4xserver1b3\b3\", line 948, in startPlugins start_plugin(self, plugin_name) File "E:\cod4xservers\cod4xserver1b3\b3\", line 939, in start_plugin p.onStartup() File "E:\cod4xservers\cod4xserver1b3\b3\plugins\xlrstats\", line 278, in onStartup mapstats = self.get_MapStats( File "E:\cod4xservers\cod4xserver1b3\b3\plugins\xlrstats\", line 613, in get_MapStats assert name is not None AssertionError I noticed in the config file, there is mapstats related to MySQL. I am not certain enabling MySQL would solve the issue but I figured its worth a try.
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