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  2. lol Players needed to click auto update in game. After a clean install. Now 18.1 is installed. Thanks guys. xxxx
  3. I don't know those commands. And I believe to know server commands good enough. I would assume this is maybe scripted stuff? When you run insecure scripts we can not do much about it.
  4. okay thanks for checking. i don't know if somebody tried to actively fix that bug, but since it worked for me i thought it might for you as well
  5. Hi, Cod4x Team I represent many players in cod. Theirs many hundreds of players unable to get in servers and play. 1> 1.8 servers are auto updating clients via codi mod when connecting to certain servers (not sure if this is part of codx install) 2> All new 1.8 servers crash clients after 30secs to 5 mins. - tested for 48 hours 3> Old 1.7 servers don't crash - tested for 48 hours (Very hard to find non 1.8 servers) 4> Do the admins of these 1.8 updated servers need to apply the hotfix? Will that cure the problems or it still being looked into? 5> On some servers as a player (1.7 client) as they connect a message appears "unable to connect because the update backend is unavailable" message is shown and connection stops. Players can join the server with 1.8 but it crashes after a certain time. If I'm repeating anything deeply sorry in advance. Hope the information given helps and we can work as a community to solve the current issues. Thank you so much for your time. Kind Regards Way-2-Stoned
  6. split to a new topic. please don't spam other topics with your own issues. what i can observe right now is that the overall players have reduced by a fair bit due to the issues. can't speak of "dead" but around 25% less are playing across all registered servers. the basedonoldstable branch seems to be the most stable version available currently if you have issues just stay on the old server and client version for now
  7. I doubt it is something you have only with new client but not with version 17.9. These versions are not different enough in code which gets executed in normal gameplay. Also this is a topic I can find after every update. If this is true, you shouldn't have more than 20fps in meantime.
  8. Found the problem! There's tons of weapons around like at CFGFactory with many attachments, which we can only use few of the at the same time. BEFORE : you can cut everything was not used, like the iwi files of thermal vision I'm not using. compile/run/server/client as PERFECT. NOW : Even if you don't use them, COD4X is requesting all the files in the xmodel. So you need to full your mod with trash that will never be used or will CRASH. Dunno what was done outhere, but was working fine like that in COD4 and until before the 1.8 version, would be great if you fall back in this ASAP. I'm making a IWD file called trash with all that COD4X is requesting for my mod which will never be used to avoid the CRASH and be able to continue to work on it.... then when you fix this it's only delete this IWD file. Pleas fix ASAP : mod load via shortcut/game menu requesting not used files in game cheers
  9. ye i had framedrops, a lot of times. That makes me lagging which is frustrating. But first rounds were without any problems.
  10. Succeed to connect to my Frontlines and Star Wars servers... I re-did the iwd from the server and works, aside they don't have this file. ?????? Rio which I'm working on still not working... trying to figureout... searched for "weapon_thermal_lens2_col" in ALL my dev files, inclued weapons of course, nothing found... also looked for just "weapon_thermal" nothing... Again, this was not happening before the update, I'm working daily in this mod, and I don't touch the weapons for many months... released this video preview yesterday, and all was perfect until the update. can't see why are requiring this file if I do use that, is not in my csv or weapons, or folders... I bet if I add this file will request another.
  11. its exactly the same for me, old demos and new demos recorded after the update still arent working
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  13. Searching online this file is from a Zombie Mod??? Seams you compiled the ff with a dirty raw folder?
  14. Of course, everything was PERFECT before the update.
  15. Sadly no one are able to connect even via server list.... lots of random impossible errors like the attached. This happens to all my mods, and ANY of them I added anything with that file... Something is VERY WRONG with the new version. I suggest you to rollback to 1.7 and only release 18.2 when was really tested. COD4X online community is dead right now.
  16. i'm pretty sure the majority of people just connects to an ip and the mod runs fine. starting the mod through a shortcut happens only if you specifically create a shortcut for that. at least there is a workaround for now
  17. still not working for me, saying demo is over straight away.
  18. make all shortcuts from players that play with mods stop to work is not critical??? we only play with mods over here, and I think most COD4 players today play with mods too... I'm receiving lots of messages reporting the COD4X is broken now... most players are not that smart to figure out it's a problem with the shortcut+mod,which is a very weird and simple problem to solve. please 18.2 ASAP to fix this issue! thanks!
  19. I just checked, the demo can't be played back. And the entry information in the top right corner
  20. so you werer actually talking about a framedrop and not a (network) lag? anyways, we'll keep an eye on it for now the server provider will have to figure out what works for them.
  21. i was recording a demo today with client v18.1 and was able to replay it.
  22. i downloade 18.1 and the crashes were gone, after 4 rounds my fps dropped hard, i had laggs and my game froze again and closed. Ye i downgraded my game for now, sadly i cant join my favourite server with it since its 18.0
  23. At least measuring I'm currently only watching two bugs is not working correctly demo and it is impossible to select a mod from the game menu.
  24. since SLHosting is selling that to you, you should probably check with their support.
  25. Hi! This plugin can't ban the 18.0 clients (doesn't add the ban list), only 17.9. I tried all 1.8 version the ban but didn't work. Any ideas? Please help! Thank!
  26. yes that's true. v18.1 was just ment to fix some cases of crashing while playing on a server. this one doesn't seem to be as critical.
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