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  3. please help now in the app to take screens there is this error
  4. Nuketown - Only - Sniper Only

    Hello ladies and gentleman. Today i just want to pronounce my NukeTown Only Server. The server is build up simple with Promod and some script extensions. Also managed by BigBrotherBot. Feel free to join and have some fun. IP: To join the server add it to your favourites or use the ingame console with: "/connect"
  5. CoD4 anti cheat?

    everything works, thanks
  6. Use UE4, cut down the extra stuff. It is a tested engine that will save you alot of headaches.
  7. CoD4 anti cheat?

    server cod4x + Manu-Admin-Mod (0.12) all these scripts do not work, it has such commands- ($ getss all) and ($ getss id or name) that are entered through the console. Can anyone know how to make the scripts work?
  8. CoD4 anti cheat?

  9. CoD4 anti cheat?

    Hello, you can show the script with the autobans. Thank you.
  10. It seems like GoDot was a very bad choice. I tested a 3D demo in my machine using GoDot and I was able to squeeze out only 13FPS from that demo under low graphics settings. Then I talked with the contributors of GoDot engine and they told me that, though godot v3 was marketed with 3D support but the 3D support inside the engine is still very immature and also they think that it will be usable after a year of works on the engine. So, we cannot use godot for this project. Our remaining option is to use UE4 or make our own core engine from scratch. Just now while tinkering with CoD4 files I was still again able to shrink down the multiplayer game to around 113MB with one map mp_crash without the textures into consideration. A snapshot has been attached below. I was still considering the cut down cod4 to be a good approach but fraggy is against this approach due to the iw3mp.exe reverse engineering will take a lot of work.
  11. Improvement of build-in functions

    Thanks for your reply. LinkTo: when the players moves the object is hovering behind him, that really sucks. I know there is Attach which is really linking the ent to the player, but it doesn't support rotations, it simply uses the tag rotation. PhysicsLaunch: I don't want to save the spawn origin of the ent. The problem is that only the visible object is moving, but the origin variable always remains the same (spawn pos) So when you spawn the ent at (0,0,300) and it drops to the ground then the .origin variable still says (0,0,300) Line: It requires developer and developer_script set to 1 It would be really cool to get it working without the developer part. GetKeyBinding / GetCommandFromKey: Ok, not that important. Was just an idea to get rid of wheel shooters and other kids which have bound some shit to keys. AnimRelatve / AnimScripted: Can we check that smh? Was just an idea to add some new experiences... (or chickens lol)
  12. Guys, me and fraggy has been discussing about the game engine for a while now. Unfortunately he is still busy which is making our pace of communication slower. There's been two idea for the game engine that is not options currently from our discussion. One is the GoDot engine. We took out UE4 from our option because of the license and considering other games which came out from UE4 performing not that good. Actually UE4 is made for high end graphics rendering which we don't really need for our remake. We want this game to be playable by some old machine users too, the same way they played CoD4 but with better performance than CoD4. And we also don't need those full blow UE4 features for our use case. On the other hand GoDot engine being a 2D focused engine shows good promise for 3D rendering and designs. It's a very lightweight engine compared to UE4 and can still do more things than whatever we need. Me and my team is currently looking into this engine to see what are the possibilities. Another idea me and fraggy was discussing is to create a core game engine from scratch. Suppose, we take blender as our rendering engine, Miles Sound as our 3D sound engine, then some other open source sub engines and use them inside our own made core engine. And on top of that core engine make our game. This will allow us to cut down everything that we don't need and efficiently use all the hardware resources for our game. Also, when the development of the game is done, we can simply continue to create our own sub engines to squeeze out every bit of performance from the hardware and replace those sub engines one by one. The core engine will allow us to do so without modifying any game code whatsoever. Only the core engine itself will get updated but the API of engine which the game is using will remain intact. Please let me know which of the two options seems reasonable to you guys. Please CoD4X Dev team and other people out there in the forum do share your opinion. Thank You.
  13. LinkTo - thats the point of this function. PhysicsLaunch - moves whole entity. If you need to remember origin - feel free to save it to a ent's variable. Line - doesn't work for me at all since 1.7 GetKeyBinding \ GetCommandFromKey - client keyboard not getting synchronized in per-frame state. Only movement\actions commands got synchronized. AnimRelatve \ AnimScripted - I am not sure if entity anim state is synchronized in entity per-frame state.
  14. efx problem

    The error when you save and load is just one of the many bugs with effects ed And no i'm not going to test it, test it your self
  15. efx problem

    Hello sheep_wizard If i press play in CoD4Effected3 i see my image but now i cant start that on server Can you help me? _mod.gsc _menus.gsc ui_mp/character_stuff mp/trailsTable.csv mod.csv Here is files of trail_apple,try test him trail_apple
  16. Hey, i was wondering if it's possible to improve some cod4 build-in functions and make some of the SP only functions available for MP. Functions for improvement: LinkTo(): when used to link an entity to a player the entity position is not updated in realtime PhysicsLaunch(): the origin of the model remains at the position of it's spawn and is not updated Line(): it's only visible in debug mode Functions from SP to MP: GetKeyBinding() together with GetCommandFromKey(): would be epic to improve the handshake of menus and scripts, and also to get rid of mousewheel shooters AnimRelatve() / AnimScripted: would be great to play animations on spawned entities Also is there a way to play an fx on a viewmodel, except the muzzleflash? Thanks in advance!
  17. Show player FPS

    Does anyone has player fps rate show script for Royal soilder mod
  18. the server does not work for me

    to play on a cod4x server you will need a cod4x client. 1.0 client is not an option.
  19. the server does not work for me

    the server is for 1.0. and I have version 1.7 with another address, but it does not appearCopy that image from someone else, but my cod is 1.0
  20. Live stream radio

  21. Live stream radio

    Is it possible. Connect live stream radio to call of duty 4 server?
  22. Game crashes after setting up game

    If you get any error post image here
  23. Game crashes after setting up game

    1. Install that CoD4 Patch 1.6 2. Install that CoD4 Patch 1.6 - 1.7 3. Download this CoD4x and open file in winrar then extract files in cod4 files then click on install.cmd
  24. efx problem

    Btw, Suicide Mod is very good
  25. efx problem

    I just want to know ,why i get error after save or load files in Cod4Effected3 program
  26. I m new here , hi all I want to install that client by following this Tuto, but the game keep crashing after setting up game . did i miss something ?
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