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  2. Hi, I need emergency help. My players waiting for my server. I am getting this error "couldn't find the bsp for this map. Please build the fast file associated with" like this. What's the fix of it ? When i open a normal dedicated server, it is running without problems. But when i copied Codx files and start a dedicated server with Codx i am getting this map loading errors every time ūü§¨ How can i fix this ?
  3. Yes, you can do it with plain strings.
  4. Before i change all the code again a short question. Can I use paceholders in strings? Like iPrintLnBold("Hello &&1",; Because that was the reason why I use so much localize strings. Next to all the others for menu and stringtables ofc.
  5. for(;;) { gettime = getRealTime(); dailyhours = 86400; calc = dailyhours-gettime; timeleft = TimeToString(calc, 0, "%H:%M:%S"); timeleft_hud settext("Time Left: "+timeleft); wait 1; } this should be about it
  6. Stop using "&" symbol and you're good to go.
  7. Yea there is an example here: Search for getrealtime and timetistring I use it in gsx file which is use like a normal gsc. You can call functions from gsx just like it is inside a gsc. Edit: keep in mind that cod4x prefers gsx. So if you have a test.gsc and a test.gsx then the test.gsc will be ignored.
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  9. Is there any example of how its used? Is this used in the .gsc or .gsx? If its for .gsx is there a way to execute a .gsx from a .gsc if not how can i execute the .gsx file?
  10. You can get the current server time with daytime = TimeToString(getRealTime(), 0, "%H:%M"); I don't care about the seconds, but you can change that to your needs. With that function you should be able to make a serversided 24 hour timer.
  11. Hey guys, I have hit the localized string limit of 6144 entries and would like to bypass it. Increasing it with r_xassetnum did not work, so i tried moving a bunch of them into gsc. Short example: getObjectiveScoreText() { return &"Hello world!"; } But yea... that fails with the following error message: "Illegal localized string reference: Hello world! must contain only alpha-numeric characters and underscores" Is there any way to either increase the engine limit so i can use them as usual? Or is there a function to make them useable in gsc? Just like locString() for menus? Maybe a plugin could help to convert them from simple strings to localized strings? Well... or a plungin to load them from external txt files? Thanks for your help, i hope we can get that fixed :)
  12. Hello, as the topic title says is there a way to make challenges that switch every 24 hours? I'm more curios about the 24 hours part how is that possible to add either to be server sided or client sided, even tho that client isn't connected on the server that the timer is still counting. Thanks.
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  14. gurinov


    Hey, everybody. I've seen a lot of servers that have redirection to another server when I connect, who can help me or how do I configure it?
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  16. Anyone knows how to enable the in-game vote to work only to allow players to vote map/change map while disabling the options to vote kick and change gametype?
  17. this worked on windows and when I ran it I was able to use separate main_shared directories however I switched to Ubuntu to run the servers and I switched to cod4xweabmin to make 2 servers which are using the same basebage and separate main_shared folders but that is only for linux
  18. Dust2


    im using the latest patch though , available in this site
  19. every server i join gets me an error "code_post_gfx_mp.ff is different than server" . Could anyone please tell me the cause of this? Thanks a bunch
  20. self unSetPerk( "specialty_specialgrenade" );
  21. greu


    HI, tell me how to make sure that the player couldn’t kill?
  22. Simple question is you know how you can change the parameter fs_basepath? Is there a paremeter for setting where the main_shared folder is? I.e to run scripts you don't want on all servers?
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  25. Well that was easy. Thanks!
  26. Remove the net_ip Part and use your local ip to connect.
  27. Odd. Had it within the Server CFG but added it to the start up paramaters and it worked a treat. Thanks for that. Cheeky edit - It was defined in the custom ruleset which was overriding the server.cfg. Makes sense now.
  28. I want to create a single player bot match using the Bot Warfare mod, which requires CoD4X. So I was thinking I could just host it on my own machine and connect to it from my own machine, but I can't get it to work. (btw I haven't installed the Bot Warfare mod files yet, I'm just trying to get the CoD4X server to work by itself first) I run this: cod4x18_dedrun.exe ^ +map mp_vacant ^ +set dedicated 1 ^ +set net_ip ^ +set sv_punkbuster 0 I try to connect by typing /connect from the client I get 'awaiting connection 1.. 2.. 3.. etc.', then 'server connection timed out'. The server console keeps printing 'bad connectionless packet from' How can I get this to work? I should point out that I haven't messed around with game servers before, so it's quite possible I'm missing something obvious.
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