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  2. Hajas

    20.X Screenshots???

    I'm glad you found them! But for now I will probably keep at 19.3 until they fix the AmbientPlay bug. Cheers
  3. Yesterday
  4. Confirmed. for me the screenshots are not saved in mods/mymod/screenshots anymore too. they are now in main/screenshots
  5. We can add this bug to the list of 20.X bugs:
  6. Hajas

    20.X Screenshots???

    For Tests, screenshot from a different client works fine. Rollback Client/Server to 19.X and it's working fine again. AmbientPlay, Screenshots and Xmodel number increased (or respective test error) are the worst problems of 20.X Cheers
  7. Last week
  8. I have Server/Client in the same folder which I use in development. So I start Server and Client with different batch files which exec different exe files in the same folder. Everything STILL working fine COD4 server/client Folder : except this: In the client when I hit F12 used to take screeshots in the folder Now I see in client log saying is writting the screenshots startings as was a new folder, reached until #10 already. But the files are not at this folder anymore. Checked the old files to see if started to overwrited the old ones, but no... are not there. Checked COD4X client folder on LocalApp and nothing too. Where are theses screenshots beeing saved??? Any clues? Is there a way to set/change the folder to save the files? Thanks
  9. I have sv_authtoken set as always and it's fine... but I'm having that exact error, not typo. The value of sv_steamserverlogintoken is "" as default. Never heard about that in COD4, this is common on valve servers like Insurgency for exemple. The errors are not happening anymore, I did nothing after post here... simply stopped to happen testing right now. Very weird!
  10. I'm definitively interested. I was already trying to set up your 2017 release on a server now ^^
  11. The latest ktk mod requires cod4x because I have added lots of new assets and little gametypes. The latest files were not released yet, simply because of the missing players & Feedback. The development server is: I will set up a github repro soon and release the latest files so maybe some more servers will show up. Last mod release Was in 2017 but i constantly worked on it until early 2021
  12. Hey guys. I've installed Cod4 after quite some time again. Back in the day i had much fun playing Kill the King, but i couldnt find any servers. Is this not possible with cod4x?
  13. Possible the server owner switched the option g_antilag off.
  14. You have to when you changed your server IP address.
  15. I wonder how this two files have made its way into your CoD4 folder. 😆
  16. its still sv_authtoken on my servers I think he just made a typo in his post
  17. Never heard of sv_steamserverlogintoken, I have sv_authtoken in config. Do we have to change that or is it fine?
  18. I moved game files from HDD to SSD and problem has been solved 😀
  19. If its all stupid and so on, why bother coming here and writing in the first place, should've deleted and left long ago. 😂
  21. Those files are from your "certified" cracked game. Feel dumb yet? Now i want you to shut up - bye.
  22. i want you to shut up and read the last message ...feel dumb now huh?
  23. I'm here to tell how shit your CoD4X updates are and y'all keep updating and adding features we never asked for The problem was in your update bats, not my cracked games first I deleted steam.dll and steamapi64.dll in CoD4 folder open the game and it will now say cod4x_patchv2.ff is different delete it from the game's directory open the game and close it without attempting to auto update or join server click on uninstall.bat reinstall CoD4X through install.bat badaa bing badaa bong the game works again and i can join whatever server i want It's very clear the problem is in your update files CoD4X team, not my game or other cracked games I told you...the website i download games from is certified and trust worthy even more than your updates that we never asked for PLEASE: no more updates and stay still on this version of CoD4X, we don't want any more trouble with our game files, let the poor gamers have fun!!!
  24. I found that msg since last week in all my COD4X servers: Now we need to get a Steam token like we have to valve servers? or what?
  25. I can not help much tbh, but maybe the lagometer is a start and can point you into the right direction. atleast it will show if it's Hardware or connection lags cg_drawlagometer
  26. Hello, I have problem with playing CoD4X because the game is freezing every few minutes for 1-2 seconds (the screen is displaying the same frame for 1-2 seconds). I don't have this kind of issue in any other game. My Internet connection is fine, about 300 Mbps, laptop is not overheating, game is running fluently etc. Changes in graphics settings doesn't help anything. How can I solve this issue? Is there any logs that I can look through? I'm using newest version of CoD4X: 20.5. This problem is occuring on all servers. Thanks for help
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