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  2. Hello, good night, as I mentioned in the question, when I accessed the DDNS quoted by the browser, it was correctly redirected to my current dynamic Public IP and also my server's IP, however on the COD4 console, when typing "/ connect ddnsname 28960 redirect for a completely different ip, and timed out, apparently it was some cache on my computer, but I couldn’t test it again with the no-ip, I ended up discovering a better one than the no-ip in my opinion in terms of gratuity, it doesn’t expire the DDNS name in 30 days like the no-ip, free forever > hahahah Thanks for the suggestion, I was using no-ip, I'm currently using, it's free forever, currently no-ip is expiring the DDNS name in 30 days I managed to reach expectations with which does not expire the DDNS name in 30 days, the no-ip in free format is expiring Thankful! I am currently planning to host a website on my computer, and try to use a DDNS name from, I plan to upload the SS of the players taken during the match directly to that website, so that players can check your suspicions online and report the player or something similar, even though you know that SS can be bypassed, so far it has only been 2 cases of aimbots with clean SS, I don't know if it is the type of aimbot that does not show console or anything extra, but there were 2 situations. I will search for my initial questions on Google, I believe that I will have no difficulties in installing the host and etc., I believe that I will have difficulties in how I will upload the images to the website, I do not know if this is done via script, I will research a little bit about it, but it was something I saw working on the @volkv website. if i have any difficulties that i can't progress, i will send a message to you ok? thank you very much for your attention!
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  4. All to easy to do. All of my servers, website, forums etc I have on my PC at home. I have Dynamic IP address. It is way too expensive for me to get a static IP. To get around that I use NOIP as darkie suggested above. It works fine. To connect to the servers you would use the domain for example: There are a couple of things that you need to do in order to make it work properly. I can help you out no problem if you like, A little cost to begin with but for me that was no problem as way way cheaper than paying for a static IP. Also if you use Gametracker for server banners as I do on my site then you can also add the server using DNS Hostname. Look at my site and see. Create your account at NOIP It is easier if you transfer your domain to them. I think i had to for this service so i used their nameservers. I then purchased Plus Managed DNS which I think was 25 USD for the year (still cheaper than static IP) The dashboard shows you what you need to do and it is straight forward. You need to make some changes in your router also, port forwarding etc. Again its easy, even for me 🙂 Maybe there is an easier way to do this, I don't know but as I say this is a piece of cake. Let me know if i can help you in anyway. If i can I of course will. Let me know. Graham
  5. Thank you very much for testing and reporting or error, I had renamed the file to make it easier to understand its purpose, but apparently it broke its operation Below is the file working with the original name, I believe that changing the calls in the previous one should also work. _advertisement.gsc
  6. gives an error Could not find script 'maps/mp/gametypes/_advertisement': (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_automsgs.gsc', line 163)
  7. Hello, what is the command to cheak the material/model/xanims/weapons limit and how many are currently in use?
  8. Hello community, good morning! I spent a long time looking for something like that and unfortunately I had a hard time finding it. When I found it I was in the middle of a Script Pack for cod4, lost in a folder called Crazy, it was a file with some simple console errors, which with my little experience it took me some time to solve them and reach the final result published here. It is little, but I hope to help lay people, who have no experience in creating simple scripts and want to send a warning message or something to the server, like me. _auto-msgs.gsc (This script doesn't belong to me and I don't know the creator, I just removed and changed some parts, so I put "MOD Crazy" as a source that I believe he should take credit for this script)
  9. I got discord. But don't expect me to have a speaking convo with you. English is not my mother tongue and i'm too shy to speak. But i can provide you all necessary support via chat...Pm'd you my discord ID
  10. Last week
  11. I am running cod4 x linux-i386 build 993
  12. I'm getting a lot of Bans this way, would anyone know how to disable this automatic server ban function please?
  13. I'm using the original 1.2 from BraXi's github. What cod4x server version are you running? I'm running 987
  14. Provide more details on this, i might be able to help you out. Cod4 status is outdated i think , use cod4xwebadmin (created & developed by Neho as well)
  15. Give NOIP a try. I used it years ago and as much as i can recall it comes along with a client which can automatically convert your dynamic IP each time it changes.
  16. Kreator

    Add Music

    You cant use this without mods, where will you put the music files, on non modded servers you cant download files from the server, hence no music can be used, you could use stock files only. And yeah soundAlias is just a string, you have to call the code with the correct name e.g. soundalias = endround10, without extensions.
  17. I would like to edit my defaults classes on an HC server without Mods, but I can't find or extract classtable.csv anywhere, nor have I found base templates for download would anyone have this base classtables.csv for download?
  18. Result of resolving could be simply your old outdated IP. Anyway, server\client uses OS API to resolve domains into addresses.You can always try "nslookup" Windows cmd to get result of name resolving (I don't know command for *nix but google will help you.). My guess you have to punch your router to publish current IP address to ddns service.
  19. Hello .. Good night! I come again to ask for help or opinion from the community. I host my server at localhost, and I don't have a fixed public IP, so I thought about using DDNS pointing to my Public IP so that the people who question my IP connect, when accessed via a browser, the configured domain redirects to the my Public IP, or public IP + port, depending on my configuration, however when inserted in the console "/ connect" or "/ connect" it returns timed out, I noticed by the console that he is requesting a completely different IP, as if it were the main host, not the redirection configured, do you have any solution or suggestion for solve this behavior, or some secondary method that can achieve the same result? Thank you very much for your attention!
  20. DerTeufel

    server not found

    Your firewall could be preventing the listing, check your windows firewall if iw3mp is enabled for TCP and UDP.
  21. stardust

    server not found

    hi guys, I was using the cod4x pc 17.9, but recently I can't find servers. plz help
  22. ok I was able to load mp_dr_gooby without an error however mp_dr_shipment has two extra files one python_mp and the other syndcarnage_mp in order not to error those two files have to go in main_shared/weapons/mp I had to make that those directories for them to load with the map the map dr_shipment is a bad map even though it loads there is no play area when you join it you just get stuck in a small space along the fence and no matter where you go in that space you cannot get out, map mp_dr_gooby worked ok I used BraXi's Death Run Mod to test it.
  23. Hey mp_dr_shipment gets this error mp_dr_gooby
  24. name some maps that give that error and I will see if I get the same error on my test deathrun server (if I have those maps)
  25. Yes. Some maps are fine and other just spam about missing fx stuff.
  26. just a question: Are you using deathrun maps?
  27. The mod itself seems fine. The missing fx stuff is coming from the maps.
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