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  2. Hey guys, i need your help with a short project. I would like to write a plugin to spawn a permanent player clone because the clone created for the corpses disappears after some time. Spawning a new (permanent) entity with the correct model finally works but I have no idea how to assign an animation to it. After digging into the asm code of the clonePlayer() function i found an interesting part. Is there any chance that you (dev team) or anybody else reverses this function and its releated subfunctions for me? :) Greetings Viking
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  6. we reguarly get the following error with their bot warfare gsc. throwing script exception: undefined is not an array, string, or vector ^1******* script runtime error ******* undefined is not an array, string, or vector: (file 'maps/mp/bots/_bot_script.gsc', line 261) switch(self.pers["bots"]["skill"]["base"]) * ^1called from: (file 'maps/mp/bots/_bot_script.gsc', line 30) self thread difficulty(); * ^1called from: (file 'maps/mp/bots/_bot.gsc', line 259) self thread maps\mp\bots\_bot_script::connected(); * ^1called from: (file 'maps/mp/bots/_bot.gsc', line 225) player thread connected(); * ^1started from: (file 'maps/mp/bots/_bot.gsc', line 219) level waittill("connected", player); * ^1************************************
  7. Update: After going deep, and doing in-depth analyzing, I found the issue. In the xbase_00.iwd the plugin is spelled incorrectly. It is spelled as sourecbansplugin.dll not as one would think it should be spelled as sourcebansplugin.dll So it would make sense that the plugin would fail to load because in the server.cfg, I spelled it as "sourcebansplugin" which wouldn't exist because of the spelling of the plugin in the xbase_00.iwd as sourecbansplugin.dll. After changing the spelling to what it is in the xbase_00.iwd, the plugin loaded just fine.
  8. Looks just right to perhaps fix my Rotu !! Thanks Error: script runtime error: potential infinite loop in script - killing thread. (file 'scripts/include/waypoints.gsc', line 177) for( i=0; i<level.waypoints[n.wpIdx].childCount; i++ )
  9. I already have did that in another thread. No.
  10. you mean something like that
  11. May help if you described the issue with sourcebans, error codes or something. Someone will be able to help im sure
  12. I think the trend is clear. If anyone manages to get sourcebans to load from the windows server download on the main page to load, please let me know.
  13. I use b3, with simplebanlist on the servers currently. Sometimes it works and sometimes I will issue a ban and it will show in the console the player was banned but it takes a while for the player to actually get kicked from the server, as long as a few minutes while they are tearing the server up with blatant hacks. Not like the servers are that overly active but when that occurs, it chases what players are on, off. I have tried sourcebans, but can't get it to load on the server even after following the simple directions and suggestions. I have the database part installed, but that is useless if it won't load on the server. Sourcebans may work when you compile the server from source, but I don't know how to do that. I will look into that, thanks
  14. Working with Linux and Windows.
  15. you can still just start a b3 and have it connected to the same database only an ip address is different and the game_log pat change and maybe a different password on the server
  16. Hi just curious how far anyone has pushed the entries in the mod.arena file for map longnames. I dont really know how the game treats all those local strings for asset counts.
  17. Any suggestions on how to run multiple cod4x servers, have a reliable way to enforce bans across all servers and use a single database using Windows Server 2012 r2? Before the suggestion is made to switch to Linux, that is not an option.
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  19. this morning besides the above error it showed another error ******* script runtime error ******* cannot cast undefined to bool: (file 'maps/mp/bots/_bot_internal.gsc', line 737) while( * started from: (file 'maps/mp/bots/_bot_internal.gsc', line 738) wait 0.05; * ************************************ the server does not crash during the errors but I would like to know why its happening if possible
  20. I restarted the server and now cannot reproduce the error
  21. error on my server ******* script runtime error ******* cannot cast undefined to bool: (file 'maps/mp/bots/_bot_internal.gsc', line 693) if(beforeTargetID != newTargetID) * started from: (file 'maps/mp/bots/_bot_internal.gsc', line 462) wait 0.05; *
  22. Hey guys, i'm new to this. I recently formated my pc, and reinstalled cod4, when trying to access the server, it shows the message "download the unofficial version at this website… can you please send the link to download? Thanks
  23. I just did a clean install, completely stock. xbase_oo.iwd is in the main folder. Plugin simplebanlist loaded successfully. Server is currently running 1 plugins. sourcebansplugin, failed to load doing it the exact same way.
  24. daaaang you should add that to this thread haa.. it was already there, i had just read the url too quickly and thought was a link to modtools
  26. loading plugins should work from within xbase_00.iwd as well as the /plugins directory. make sure that: > xbase_00.iwd is in the /main folder > other present plugins show the same error (to see if it is a plugin specific issue) > run your server without any mods configs or special commandline arguments (just in case)
  27. Assuming you mean this by <serverdirectory> I tried it like that, still fails to load.
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