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Windows XP support


Hope to keep supporting XP , lot of my friends and lot of players got XP ...


(09-03-2016, 04:51 PM)Agat Wrote: why repeat the same thing

Because clearly, supporting Windows XP takes development time away, which could've been used for other features. Now the devs have to go to the trouble of getting a working XP machine from somewhere (or setting it up) and then fixing stuff for it, even though the OS is unsupported by it's own developers.


i don't think we are going to drop suppport for windows xp, so don't worry too much yet Wink


About puretryout , chrome working fine in XP and im using it , and all the needed programs...


But check the Chrome version you're running. Is it version 53? Yeah I didn't think so, you're just using the oldest version that was still available when XP was supported. Remove it once, try installing it again by downloading the new installer from
You see? Not supported.


thank you for share this file had save me couldt not play for 2 days ufffffff Smile

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Hi, i have problem with loading cfg in cod4 v1.8 on win XP, when i replace the old mss32.dll with the new one it will load the cfg but when i upgrade the game to 1.8 it will not load the cfg (config_mp).



You have to find that path. In WindowsXP it is different location than on Windows Vista. But I don't remember it.



My friend got working game with Windows XP , so when he reinstalled the game , he installed cod4x got error with a box

Failed to load CoD4X because file cod4x_xxx.dll or entrypoint was not found, Attemping to load CoD4 v1.7

Also an error when trying to join a server

Can not connect to server because the update backend is unavalible to join this server you have to install the required update manually please visit

He tried the 16.0 version of client windows but not help , hope someone know please



Give him your gamefiles.

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