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[HOW-TO] Install CoD4X

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Hello, i just rented a cod4 server and all mods on the server are located in the mod folder that i can access with FTP. The webinterface shows them in a dropdown menu.
But how does it work with cod4x? I loaded the "linux server" files but they seem to be for the main folder, nothing for the Mod folder. Can someone help me there?
I want it running on my server Smile thanks

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you need to replace the server executable and even add some shared libraries to use advanced features like the new guid system

it's not just a mod that is put into the "mods" folder


That install.cmd worked. Tried it with administrator but didn't work. without administrator, it worked.

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Hello,i have problem with cod4x patch.When i run it it says menu bug but i dont have it.Any fix? 

(Im sorry i don't have any attachment or picture because my screenshoter doesnt want to screenshot problem)

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